Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

mold on white walls, and spots on carpet

Morristown Mold Infested House

This vacant house in Morristown was victimized by storms that soiled the surfaces and led to significant mold infestations. This unwholesome environment required professional mold remediation to replace damaged building materials and clarify the interior environment from mold spores and other microbes following the flooding and mold growth. SERVPRO has qualified technicians to restore this property.

removed planks, pad, and cut out drywall visible

Whitestown Water Restoration

SERVPRO not only removes the water and dries out the water-damaged home in Whitestown but also prepares the affected area for build-back. The removed drywall and laminated flooring are dry. Why SERVPRO? We start and complete the project.

walls spotted, covered with mold species, ceiling torn open

Whitestown Mold Demolition

This vacant property in Whitestown was a biohazard. Our SERVPRO crew came prepared, dressed in Tyvek suits, respirators, gloves, boots, and hardhats to remove the sheetrock from the framing. We rented a small dumpster for collection. Locals understand the need for a premier company to deal with a mold infestation of this magnitude.

washer/dryer/sink, removed floor and wall

Water and Mold in Whitestown

The leak and humidity in this laundry area meant Mold Remediation by our SERVPRO team. Our Whitestown customer was pleased that we used a small demolition to remove the offensive-looking and smelling mold colonies.

exposed walls, shows old plumb lines window

Morristown Water Damage Repair

The persistent dripping resulted in water damage to this wall in a Morristown kitchen. A tearing out of the water-logged walls was needed to repair the leak and to dry out the exterior wall void. SERVPRO can secure the area and prepare it for a remodeled new kitchen.

hanging ceiling material, badly charred timber supports, fan

Fire in a Morristown Attic

The electrical short in this Morristown attic led to a serious fire damage problem. Our SERVPRO crew immediately, upon arrival, removed the hanging, charred debris, which was a safety risk. We discard all non-salvageable materials according to local codes.