Fire Damage Photo Gallery

spider web tags on wall

Fire Puff-Back in Lowland

The spider-like webbing in the corners of this Lowland property is the result of a furnace puff-back. SERVPRO technicians can use vacuums and dry, chemical sponges to remove the oily substance without staining the popcorn ceiling or the walls. This process eliminates the need to repaint the fire-damaged surfaces.

green air scrubber , burned kitchen

Whitestown Fire and Smoke Cleanup

The air scrubber, placed by a SERVPRO tech in this Whitestown home, is outfitted with a HEPA and charcoal filter. It can capture airborne particles as small as 35 microns and also help to neutralize the pungent odors.

charred materials heaped in hallway, smoke damaged red walls

House Fire Cleanup in Whitestown

The charred debris, once removed from this fire-damaged Whitestown house, can already improve the indoor air quality. SERVPRO teams can then set up equipment to further improve the indoor air quality making the demolition a little bit easier.

charred A-frame interior of house, black surfaces

Woodcrest Hills House Fire Cleanup

The home in Woodcrest Hills needed SERVPRO's excellent house fire cleanup to restore this structure to its former glory. We can set up air cleaning equipment as we begin the demolition and discarding of burned structural elements and contents.

soot covering kitchen countertop and more

Condo Kitchen Fire and Smoke Damage in Morristown

The charring from the grease fire left a thick, sticky film on all the surfaces in this kitchen in a Morristown condominium. SERVPRO can wipe off the sooty coating and minimize some necessary repainting. "Like it never even happened."

exhaust area fire-damaged after dryer removed

Whitestown Fire Damage

The utility area suffered fire damage, as noted in the Photo. The restricted airflow from the clothes dryer generated sufficient heat to ignite the lint and then the wall. SERVPRO can remove the debris and build back the fire-damaged area.