Commercial Photo Gallery

fans working in narrow hallway of building

Morristown Facility Drying

The inadvertent activation of the fire suppressant system wet the walls and carpeting in this area business building. SERVPRO responded soon after the call from the Morristown management company. We vacuumed up a bit of water and then set up axial fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the corridor eliminating the need for demolition.

equipment drying hallway, baseboards off

Morristown Commercial Building Needs Water Damage Mitigation

The coving has been removed by our SERVPRO technicians to drain the walls of any water after the pipe broke in this Morristown structure. The air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers are drying out the corridor and salvaging the carpet.

air movers drying green carpet, desks on blocks

Whitestown Water Leak Cleanup

The green SERVPRO air movers and dehumidifiers blend in with the now almost dry green carpet in this Whitestown office. We arrived to remediate the water leak. Note the foam blocks under the desks and chairs to preserve the wood and not mark the carpet.

water puddle on carpeted, tiled floor , file cabinet

Morristown Water Clean Up

The leak spilled sufficient water on this commercial, tiled carpeting in a Morristown office to warrant a call to SERVPRO. Our fast response mitigated the water damage to simply business disruption, and not to discarding the flooring. We work fast to help our clients.

overhead flex conduit, air scrubbers in carpeted hallway

Morristown Water Removal Services

Trust the rapid response from SERVPRO to mitigate the water damage in your commercial building. We use advanced equipment and skilled technicians to secure burst pipes and dry out the common areas. Negative pressure devices expedite the water removal and drying.

dirty flood water, mail, and papers floating, desk in background, dirty water

Morristown Mailroom Flooding

The muddy groundwater covered the concrete floor in this mail facility with the contaminated liquid. SERVPRO arrived soon after the call to begin the water extraction using our truck-mounted pump. We then set up air movers to dry this Morristown facility.