Storm Damage Photo Gallery

mulch and mud in the driveway

Woodcrest Hills Storm Runoff Damage

The severe rainstorm left behind mud and sludge at this Woodcrest Hills home. This is contaminated muck, and our SERVPRO technicians can use pumps and hand tools to remove and dump the debris. We can pressure wash the driveway as part of the exterior storm damage cleanup.

inside attic, bare wood, green devices drying

Lowland Post Storm Drying

The A-frame home in Lowland suffered a water intrusion following a storm. SERVPRO removed the stored contents and dried out the raw wood with air movers and axial fans over some days. We sprayed an antifungal agent, also.

stripped wall showing studs leading to the kitchen, hardwood and air movers

Flood Restoration in Morristown

The flooding damaged the walls and the hardwood flooring in this Morristown home. SERVPRO quickly arrived and extracted the remaining water from the floor surface and removed the water-soaked wallboards. The air movers are completing the dry to prevent mold growth and further storm damage.

Room with debris on floor and a damaged ceiling

Knoxville Storm Damage Beats up Room

This photo shows the scene SERVPRO technicians arrived at for a water damage restoration in a Knoxville room. The ceiling has collapsed due to water exposure and there is a large amount of debris on the floor along with water for SERVPRO techs to remove.

soaked rainwater on dark wood floor

Morristown Rain Flooding on Hardwoods

The driving rain soaked the pine hardwood flooring in this Morristown property. Fortunately, the owner called SERVPRO, and with a quick response, squeegeed and vacuumed up the water before cupping or warping occurred to the slats.

water on pad, framing visible

Stormwater in Morristown

Driving rains can enter through an open window and quickly cover a home under reconstruction swiftly. SERVPRO can respond to this Morristown property to remove the water on the concrete pad and then use dehumidifiers to dry it out. We can then spray an antimicrobial product to ensure a safe environment.