Water Damage Photo Gallery

tech drying hardwoods in a room

Morristown Water Damage Restoration

Thank you, Team Member Charles from Loudon! Your exceptional work is part of the reason SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties was voted HOMETOWN Favorite!!  Our skilled tech is drying out this living room in Morristown and salvaging the engineered hardwood flooring, “Like it never even happened.”

wand and hose on the floor of wet kitchen

Whitehouse Water Leak in Kitchen

The busted pipe covered the engineered wood flooring with water that also seeped into the base cabinets and appliances. SERVPRO responded swiftly to this Whitehouse water loss and vacuumed up the stray water, and prevented any need for demolition. Speed of service is crucial at times, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

opened wall, PVC and plumbing lines, back block wall

Morristown Leak Repair and Restoration

The leak from the water line soaked the drywall behind the washing machine with sufficient drippage to necessitate a controlled demolition. Out SERVPRO team cut out the sheetrock and dried the wall and the exterior structural cinder blocks before closing up the wall.

green walls removed at bottom, carpet removed, studs showing

Flooding from a Burst Pipe in Morristown

The flood cuts by SERVPRO techs removed the damaged drywall and carpeting from this den in a Morristown home. We can dry the opened areas along with the concrete pad and then start the build back.

Back porch with hanging ice around outdoor furniture

St. Louis Pipe Burst From Cold Snap Brings Water Damage

This water damage in St. Louis from burst pipes brought the added issue of damage from ice. SERVPRO technicians needed to extract water and carefully remove ice, so it did not cause any further problems during the home restoration services.

air movers, open under sink area

Woodcrest Hills Water Damage Recovery

Water soaked and damaged flooring, fixtures and assemblies get the SERVPRO treatment in this Woodcrest Hills kitchen. The centrifugal air mover expedites the sweeping of moisture from surfaces into the air where the water vapor can then be condensed by dehumidifiers.

holes in lower wall, air mover and window

Morristown Water Damaged Wall

Our SERVPRO team removed the baseboard from this exterior wall and drilled small holes to allow for the drainage of water and to enhance circulation. The air mover forced air into the wall void to increase the rate of evaporation. Our Morristown customers were pleased with salvaging the wall.