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Complete Mold Remediation in Morristown Kitchens

4/30/2023 (Permalink)

mold growing on the ceiling of a room Found mold? Whether you discover mold damage in your kitchen or another room, team SERVPRO can help. Call us for effective remediation services.

Keeping Your Home Safe with Mold Removal

Mold can deteriorate hosting materials and damage wall systems where it is allowed to thrive and spread. Your kitchen can be one of the areas in your home likely to see this damage. When you suspect mold growth, contact our SERVPRO team to help.

The Impact of Mold in the Kitchen

The sight of microbial growth in an area like the kitchen is alarming, so SERVPRO professionals work fast to begin mold removal in your Morristown home. We complete a thorough inspection of the impacted systems and materials, including:

  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Drywall 
  • Wallpaper

Mold Removal Strategies

Because kitchen mold impacts many materials, the needed removal strategies vary considerably. Ideally, surface treatment is desirable but impractical to remove the full measure of mold growth that can migrate through kitchen systems for several days or longer. We have other options such as sanding and using abrasives under pressure to eradicate surface mold concerns.

Stopping Future Mold

One critical element of effective mold removal is stopping the growth from returning. We can spend days or longer fully eliminating complex growth concerns from your property, but without the needed action to remedy what caused the mold in your kitchen, the problem returns. We have a general contractor license and proprietary products to help avoid recurring threats.

  • Repairs – We can perform repairs and build-back services to seal up structural vulnerabilities allowing moisture into the kitchen. 
  • Mold Inhibitors – We can use mold-inhibiting primers and antimicrobial products to make regularly damaged surfaces uninhabitable to mold development.
  • Ventilation – We can install appropriate ventilation for the kitchen to avoid prolonged moisture exposure that allows mold growth.

Mold is a complex threat to your home or business that demands immediate attention. The situation will continually worsen until remediation gets underway, so you can expect a swift response from SERVPRO of Hamblen County to start mold removal. Call us at (423) 318-6733.

My Morristown Home Shows Mold Damage Signs

3/21/2023 (Permalink)

mold damage in the corner near a window Call on SERVPRO's mold remediation specialists as soon as you spot mold in your home.

SERVPRO Evaluates Morristown Homes for Moisture Issues Causing Mold Development

Mold development in a Morristown property causes great inconvenience like deterioration of surface finishes and plummeting of indoor air quality. The main question you might have is why the signs start showing all of a sudden. The main reason is a rapid or continued spike in moisture levels within the building.

The moisture causing your home in Morristown to develop mold damage might be readily visible such as when a significant water leak leaves vast sections of the house wet. It can also be hidden if a pinhole leak in a pipe concealed within the wall or ceiling cavity releases small amounts of water over time. Another likely obscure scenario might involve improperly dried materials after water intrusion. The wetness left in porous materials such as solid wood or concrete is released slowly over time, thus fueling mold growth. SERVPRO handles both evaluation and moisture management addressing the problems you face.

Your main concern may be how to get rid of mold signs such as unsightly dark patches on material surfaces. However, any solution you choose must first address the root cause of the problem. Therefore, options like painting over the patches or airing the rooms only provide a temporary solution if an unaddressed source of wetness remains within the structure. Typical sources of moisture that fuel mold development include:

  • Condensation
  • Pinhole pipe leaks
  • Absorption from the foundation
  • Post-flooding

The approaches for tackling different moisture sources vary. For instance, pinhole leaks require physical removal or patching of the affected pipes. Condensation may be harder to deal with since several factors might include central heating issues and daily home activities like cooking, drying clothes, and showering. It happens because of high indoor humidity levels or when warm air mixes with cold air. Our IICRC Certified SERVPRO technicians can use thermo-hygrometers to evaluate temperature and humidity levels in different rooms, thus identifying the source of the anomaly. We can choose to dehumidify your house or improve ventilation to address condensation issues.

Resolving mold problems depends on:

  • Contamination location
  • Level of contamination
  • Level of mold development

The mold signs that you notice might reveal where the entire problem lies or just a section. Mold inspection helps confirm the true extent of the problem and, thus, the best way to perform remediation.

It is challenging to complete mold restoration with a single procedure unless the development level is in its earliest stages where cleaning and drying materials sufficiently curtail mold development. In other cases, repair requires removing deteriorated materials, decontamination, and odor management, among other procedures. Our SERVPRO technicians tear down drywall and remove insulation leaving only structural supports in heavily contaminated house sections. We apply biocides to frames and studs, then dry them sufficiently before rebuilding the area.

Specialized approaches may be necessary when the mold damage affects an area like the basement or attic where significant portions are made of unfinished materials, and there is limited space to maneuver. A method like encapsulation helps when you cannot clean moldy residues thoroughly, and removing the affected material is not practical. 

SERVPRO of Hamblen County can help you understand the signs of mold damage that you notice in your property portend. We also help find solutions that address the contamination, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (423) 318-6733.

Call for Morristown Mold Remediation ASAP

11/20/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall near an electrical outlet Smelled or found signs of mold damage? Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation and odor removal services. Our technicians are standing by.

Morristown Residents Trust SERVPRO for Expert Mold Remediation

It is a natural instinct for many people to spray and wipe mold patches they find in their bathroom around sinks, tubs, and showers. However, you risk possible hazards when handling mold cleanup on your own. Rather than addressing mold patches on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces with a DIY approach, the safest and most effective option is calling skilled technicians for mold remediation. If you have areas of concern within your Morristown home or business, SERVPRO is available for mold remediation and cleanup you can count on.

Why enlist the help of professional mold remediation technicians in Morristown?

SERVPRO has an entire team of highly-trained and certified technicians ready to address all types of mold development. We bring all the right equipment for each project, including the proper personal protective equipment for safety during the cleanup process. Our Green Fleet also comes stocked with an assortment of antimicrobials and EPA-registered cleaning agents to thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces within your property.

If you are unsure if it is time to contact professionals for cleanup and remediation, these are some issues to look for:

  • Visible mold patches under cabinets, around carpeting, ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.
  • Strong, musty odors anywhere in the home.
  • An unusual increase in humidity.
  • A significant spill or plumbing leak that might not have been thoroughly cleaned up.

Why not try a DIY cleanup?

Many people fail to realize that countless types of mold and spores are all around us, inside and outside homes and workspaces. Disturbing mold spores could mean further infestation in other areas of your property. Additionally, there are potential risks best not taken so that you can ensure the project gets done right the first time. Hiring trained technicians gets you results, and SERVPRO will ensure you get the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal of approval. 

Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733, and we can mobilize a team to help with mold remediation. We always strive to make it “Like it never even happened.”

How Sporicidal Agents Help Mold Removal in Morristown

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Open windows for fresh air sign Morristown mold remediation needs the help of SERVPRO. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Mold Removal Relies on Powerful Products

Mold is underrated and underappreciated as a destructive force against homes and businesses in the area. Even with a prompt response to these situations, organisms can still deteriorate hosting organic materials and require direct restoration measures like a controlled demolition. Sometimes, however, surface cleaning can be effective for:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Sporicidal Agents Can Help

Mold removal in Morristown should often start with surface cleaning strategies. Sporicidal agents and antimicrobial products are applied to surfaces with light mold damage to eliminate these spores on contact or after a short exposure time. In many cases, the base of these solutions is strong chlorine or biocides, which can even help to make a surface uninhabitable to migrating mold spores as remediation continues.

Surface Cleaning and Air Filtration

Surface cleaning is less effective if the circulation of mold spores and the migration of these organisms have not been resolved. Combining the use of sporicidal agents with efforts like HEPA air filtration can allow the surface cleanup to be more efficient and effective. Air filtration is also one of the primary components in preventing the continued spread of microbial threats in the house.

What if Surface Cleaning Is Not Working?

While surface cleaning is one of the preferred options for restoration and remediation after mold exposure, this is not the only option available. SERVPRO also utilizes more aggressive and abrasive tactics when this outermost cleaning will not suffice. Options here include media blasting, sanding, and controlled demolition.

If you think mold could be growing in your home or business, you should act quickly to resolve this growing and spreading threat. It does not take long for a manageable mold situation to get out of control. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team is ready and able to help when you call (423) 318-6733.

Reasons Mold Removal from Morristown Properties Differs

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

quote on a green background with a SERVPRO logo Mold remediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians are ready at a moment's notice.

SERVPRO Resources Ease Morristown Mold Remediation

Mold is not a new phenomenon for most people since it is commonly seen in many outdoor locations. However, when it affects the indoor areas of your Morristown home, you have more to worry about apart from the ruined finishes. You might be unaware of the unique challenges that mold removal can present, especially if it is left to develop uncontrollably.

You need the right resources for convenient mold removal from your Morristown property. The primary resource is knowledge since it helps you analyze the extent of the contamination and decide which equipment or supplies are necessary to arrest the situation. Involving SERVPRO gives unfettered access to information since our teams include IICRC-certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians.

Crucial information for mold remediation

  • Porous or nonporous materials affected
  • Concealed or open infestation
  • The stage of contamination
  • The moisture situation 

Mold can proliferate on surfaces covered by drywall, wallpaper, and carpets. Each of these materials has some uniqueness that can affect the remediation procedures. For instance, if a surface is layered with wallpaper, stripping it off is essential before thinking of other remediation processes since colonies proliferate beneath the wallpaper. Mold devastates porous materials as its hyphae penetrate surfaces, so it is impossible to complete remediation without cutting tools to remove the deteriorated materials. SERVPRO is equipped with a variety of tools, including precision cutting instruments.

Changes That Mold Undergoes

Once mold contamination starts on your property, the situation changes fast as the colonies go through growth stages like sporulation, vegetative, and reproduction. During sporulation, the problem is mostly at the surface. Remediation mostly requires light methods such as damp wiping surfaces with antimicrobial agents and drying excess moisture. Once fungal growth sets it, potent cleaning action is necessary. Our SERVPRO technicians wire brush or sand away mold colonies.

Other useful remediation methods

  • Soda blasting
  • Dry ice blasting
  • HEPA vacuuming

The process is streamlined when you call SERVPRO of Hamblen County to handle mold removal. You can reach us at (423) 318-6733. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Trust SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Your Morristown Home

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO what to know about mold sign Mold remediation services by SERVPRO are second to none. We are here for the help you need for your home.

Mold Cleanup in Morristown Homes Necessitates Professional Assistance

Mold grows from small airborne spores and flourishes in moist, warm conditions. It serves an essential role in our planet’s ecosystem since it decomposes dead organic matter. However, if mold thrives in a home, it can cause health effects.

At SERVPRO, we provide mold remediation services in Morristown properties. We can remediate the mold contamination in your residence and help you prevent future exposure. With extensive experience in remediating mold, our firm is committed to delivering high-quality results.

Calling mold cleanup professionals is essential when a mold infestation expands across an area of over 10 square feet. It is tricky to clean extensive areas of mold infestation. Our SERVPRO team can remediate the mold in your property by doing the following:

Containing the Affected Area

We do this to prevent cross-contamination of unaffected surfaces. When remediating mold, the spores usually become airborne. Our restores can take precautions to prevent the spores from spreading to other areas. We can set up containment chambers, which close off the affected zone and expedite cleanup by confining debris and dust.

Removing the Water or Moisture Source

Our team can use moisture sensors to measure the moisture within materials. These devices have sensor pins that penetrate the materials so that restorers can get precise readings. Our SERVPRO team can implement several strategies to prevent the spread of mold spores. This includes fixing leaks, tending to water-damaged areas, ventilating, and dehumidifying the moist areas.

Removing Contaminated Materials and Visible Mold Colonies

When a home has mold damage, it is essential to remove contaminated materials properly. Also, it is vital to remove any furniture, food, settled dust, and other nearby materials that can become hosts for mold. We can remove contaminated materials and dispose of them. Our SERVPRO technicians can also remove the visible traces of debris left behind from the remediation process using HEPA vacuum cleaners and damp wiping.

When you need mold remediation services, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We can make the mold infestation seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Why Homeowners Should Hire Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown

1/28/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room by a window Our certified SERVPRO professionals first investigate the extent of the mold damage in your home. Then they remove the mold. We are standing by 24/7.

Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown Like SERVPRO Offer Efficient Remediation Services

Mold is a type of fungi that tends to grow on many surfaces and can pose health risks to the occupants of a home. That’s why mold remediation is critical for your well-being. Mold cleanup is a task that experts handle best. SERVPRO’s mold remediation professionals know how to treat existing mold infestations and prevent future mold issues.

As one of the premier mold removal companies in Whitestown, we can restore your residence to its former state. We begin our remediation efforts by finding both hidden and visible causes of mold. We can use a borescope to look for mold damage in hard-to-reach areas without compromising the structure of the building. This device has an objective lens and the tip that forms an image of the object being viewed. It helps our restorers to look for contamination under cabinets, behind closed walls, under stairwells, and in HVAC ductwork, among other areas. Most borescopes can take video and record still images. SERVPRO’s mold cleanup services include:

  • Drying mold surfaces
  • Disinfecting ruined areas
  • Disposing of contaminated materials properly
  • Preventing future mold issues

Our SERVPRO team can clean non-porous materials like metals, glass, and plastics using disinfectants to remediate mold. However, it is essential to remove porous materials with visible mold growth. We remove active mold growth on materials like carpeting, drywall, and insulation by removing the materials themselves. We can also remediate mold by HEPA vacuuming dry surfaces to remove loose mold fragments and agitating materials if necessary. We can clean semi-porous materials by damp wiping, sanding, and wire brushing, among other abrasive methods.

Another vital aspect of mold cleanup is disposing of contaminated materials properly to prevent the release of mold spores into the air. After remediating the mold, our SERVPRO team performs activities that help prevent future mold issues, including maintaining proper air circulation, controlling humidity, and fixing water leaks.

When in need of mold remediation services, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We can make the mold infestation seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Which Firm Offers Effective Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown?

1/23/2022 (Permalink)

a house on fire that has fire billowing from its windows Regardless of the room the fire started in, team SERVPRO will assess the extent of the damage and formulate a custom fire damage remediation plan.

SERVPRO is a Premier Fire Damage Repair Firm in Morristown

According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking accidents are the commonest cause of residential fires. Lighting and heating equipment are the next top causes of fires. House fires necessitate the expertise of fire restoration companies like SERVPRO.

Overlooking any step during fire damage restoration in your Morristown residence can lead to safety hazards and problems in the future. We can take several steps to restore your residence to its former state, including, but not limited to:

  • Stabilizing the home
  • Boarding up the property and applying roof tarps
  • Drying the affected areas
  • Removing soils

Stabilizing the property

Flames may compromise the structural integrity of a home. Before you begin repairs, it is necessary to know the extent of the structural damage. Our SERVPRO team can perform a precise post-fire assessment. We can repair or replace the damaged components. 


If a fire rips through a home, it can leave gaps in the siding and ruined doors and windows. We can board up openings to prevent additional damage from the elements of weather, wildlife, and potential thieves. If your roof has a hole, we can lay a tarp on it using screwed pieces of wood.

Drying your home

Water damage can occur if firefighters use water to extinguish the flames or if the fire burns plastic pipes or tanks. If the standing water in your home is two or more inches deep, our SERVPRO team can use a submersible pump with adequate volume capacity and lift capability to remove it. We can also use air filtration devices (AFDs) to filter and move air. Using an air filtration device during the drying process can help in controlling the amount of contaminants being aerosolized by air movement from drying devices.

Removing soils

Our SERVPRO technicians can use agitation to move the surfaces we are cleaning, move the cleaning solution, or both. Agitation is useful for dislodging or freeing soils. After breaking the bond between surfaces and soils, we wash away the soils.

When you need fire restoration services, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Reasons to Hire Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

servpro pickup truck on the road The SERVPRO Green Fleet ensures an excellent mold remediation for Whitestown properties

Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown Like SERVPRO Offer Effective Mold Remediation Services

Mold is part of the natural environment, but it becomes an issue when it grows in homes. Many organic materials are used to construct homes, and they allow ideal conditions for mold infestation when moisture comes in contact with them. Water leaks, foundation problems, burst pipes, and condensation can cause mold development in homes. When the seepages or leaks occur, the mold spores attach themselves to organic surfaces like baseboards, drywall, and attic joist and sheathing, among other organic surfaces (usually cellulose.)

To remediate mold, it is necessary to hire the right company to ensure the safety and health of your family. SERVPRO is among the premier mold removal companies in Whitestown. Our team can safely remediate the mold to ensure that your home is safe to occupy. We can remediate mold in short order. Our SERVPRO technicians follow a systematic process to deal with mold. It may include:

  • Determining the cause of the mold and removing moisture sources
  • Infrared camera scanning
  • Cleaning non-porous materials
  • Deodorization

Determining the source of the mold is essential before beginning restoration efforts so that it does not reoccur. Our SERVPRO technicians perform a mold inspection to make the remediation process more efficient. Infrared camera scanning is an essential diagnostic process that detects water leaks in the ceiling, behind walls, or under flooring without ruining the materials.

Our SERVPRO team can also isolate the contaminated area. We can close the windows and doors between the contaminated area and the other rooms of your home. We may also mist the contaminated surfaces to suppress dust. Our technicians can then remove all the damp and mold-damaged materials and discard them in plastic bags, which are at least 6 millimeters thick. Cleaning the non-porous materials is also essential. We ensure that all affected areas are visibly free of debris and contamination before drying them thoroughly.

If you need mold remediation services, contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We can make the mold damage seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Can One Whitestown Water Damage Restoration Company Offer Complete Emergency Services?

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

under sink drain pipe leaking Household water damage can occur from multiple sources. SERVPRO is on call 24/7 for all of your water damage restoration needs.

Water Damage in Whitestown Presents in Different Ways Why SERVPRO Comprehensive Mastery of Restoration Best Practices is So Critical

Read through testimonials and stories of Whitestown water damage, realizing restoration takes on many forms individualized to each customer’s situation. How is it possible that a single firm can manage all the permutations of water damage from the following and more:

  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks 
  • Excessive humidity 
  • Condensation
  • Sewer backup

Why Does SERVPRO Deliver Consistently High-Quality Water Damage Restoration in Whitestown? 

Our commitment to ongoing training, mentoring, and cutting-edge equipment explains why SERVPRO projects succeed. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework, completed by our managers and technicians, grounds our approach in science and research. The knowledge base provided by the IICRC prepares our team not only for the most common issues seen during water cleanup, but also for first-time encounters with unusual disaster challenges. 

Is Our Emphasis on Motivating Managers and Workers to Excel Why SERVPRO Ranks as a Water Damage Repairs Leader?

Our commitment to our workers is second only to our devotion to our customers, why SERVPRO built such an effective water damage restoration company to assist Whitestown residents. We boast of more than 100 years of water damage restoration experience among our team members, greatly benefiting the communities we serve. The eagerness of our newer technicians blossoms into the exemplary provision of water damage emergency services for our valued customers as our more experienced workers mentor each of them.

A unique combination of rigorous training in best practices, company-wide support of every technician, and leading-edge equipment is why SERVPRO of Hamblen County should be your first call for water removal services and applied structural drying. One call to (423) 318-6733 brings a wealth of know-how, compassion, and persistence to your water crisis.

Is Mold Unavoidable in Morristown?

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing by a window Regardless of where you found mold in your house, team SERVPRO can help with the remediation process. Contact us right away for services.

SERVPRO Provides Mold Remediation Services for the Morristown Community

Morristown homeowners may be at a loss when an inspection points to a mold issue. Our knee-jerk reaction may be to search the internet for a do-it-yourself solution, but attic mold, basement mold, and bathroom mold removal are complex. Entrusting the mold inspection, remediation, and removal process to a professional team can avoid future complications, especially since mold can cause health effects.

Mold remediation in Morristown is a job for our mold specialists at SERVPRO. Our staff is trained on the mold remediation process and is used to applying the latest techniques to protect our clients’ homes. A simple cleaning with store-bought products may seem easier, but it can also set the stage for a widespread mold infestation and an escalation of the issue. When you suspect a problem and call us 24/7, you invite our team’s knowledge and expertise into your home.

Mold Remediation Steps

Each situation is unique, and our SERVPRO crew acts accordingly. At its core, however, every successful mold removal process includes the following-

  • Containment- using physical barriers and designated decontamination areas, our team prevents cross-contamination throughout your home.  
  • Removal- this includes both removing mold from surfaces and discarding items that pose a danger to your household, typically porous materials. Cleaning with specialized equipment, including HEPA vacuums and negative air machines, aids this step.
  • Drying- air movers and other tools used to dry the air and contents of your home help create a hostile environment for mold growth.

Whether you spot a sizable mold problem or just the beginning of one, SERVPRO of Hamblen County is at your service. Call us at (423) 318-6733, and let us leave your home in mint condition.

SERVPRO Trains Hard to Handle Whitestown Mold Remediation

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Call Now Call on SERVPRO's mold remediation specialists as soon as you spot mold in your home.

Years of Experience Help our Technicians Stay Safe During Mold Remediation in Whitestown

Taking care of a mold infestation can require technologically advanced equipment, precise application techniques, and strict safety measures. SERVPRO technicians receive intensive training to ensure their ability to tackle any mold issue.

When you call us for help with mold remediation in Whitestown, you reach a team of professionals trained and educated to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards, the foremost authority in mold cleaning and safety standards. Our veteran mold specialists have experience with:

  • Black mold
  • Attic Mold Removal
  • Basement mold remediation
  • Mold growth behind walls and between floors

Our primary concern with any mold remediation project is to ensure the health and safety of the building occupants. Some mold can cause health effects, so caution and protective equipment are critical in the early stages of a project. SERVPRO technicians use full-body protective equipment and respiration systems, and industrial tools such as HEPA filters to stay safe even during prolonged projects. Training also plays into safety. For example, when removing contaminated drywall, SERVPRO technicians strategically place negative air machines to capture airborne spores. This method simultaneously contains the spread of mold and fosters a safe environment. Without the right tools and training, household mold can cause health effects.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County has years of experience helping local homeowners with mold remediation projects. Contact us at (423) 318-6733.

What is Effective Containment in Mold Removal?

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

heavy mold on walls and ceiling Mold can quickly proliferate in 48 hours. SERVPRO has the cleaners and protective gear to remove the mold.

Mold Spores Can Travel Through your Whitestown Home Quickly. SERVPRO Can Set-up Effective Containment of an Infestation

Removing mold from your property frequently involves high-level agitation and aggressive action. Whether sanding down semi-porous materials to remove colonies or performing controlled demolition of infested drywall, it is essential to capture airborne mold spores that may release.

Containment is vital to mold damage remediation in your Whitestown home. One way of capturing airborne spores and preventing them from reaching unaffected areas of the house, is to use negative air pressure. Setting up negative air pressure relies on a Manometer tool that measures pressure and gas in an environment. Manometers allow SERVPRO technicians to monitor the effectiveness of negative air pressure in each space.

  • Comparing unaffected areas with areas where negative air pressure is applied is called a pressure differential.
  • According to remediation protocol, we must always maintain a pressure differential of -0.2 inches of mercury to prevent spores from spreading.
  • Manometers provide real-time alerts when pressure differentials drop below the required standard.

With these measuring devices, we can regulate air scrubbers' output pressure, which port filtered air to the exterior. This negative pressure can be beneficial in clearing the air of spores and particles.

Containment is a core mitigative procedure when removing mold. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County for mold damage remediation at (423) 318-6733.

Water Removal in Morristown for Residences with Thick Fiber Carpets

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

Couple Using Bucket For Collecting Water Leakage From Ceiling And Talking On Cellphone When you need help removing water damage from your home, Contact SERVPRO.

Water Removal in Morristown

Water emergencies can strike at any time. You may be at work, away for the weekend, or in the house when an emergency happens, but the result is usually the same. When water enters dry areas of the home, it is immediately absorbed into porous materials and migrates away from the source. You may want to consider moving furniture away from the vicinity to limit immediate losses. Some parts of your home may be tough to move, such as carpets or heavy furniture items. For these areas, it can be beneficial to rely on a qualified restorer. 

The need for water removal services in Morristown can vary from resident to resident. Sometimes large volumes of standing water need extraction quickly. At other times, small quantities of water may become absorbed into carpets and work their way downward, affecting the subfloor pad before eventually saturating the subfloor. The extent of damage depends on the amount of time and the materials in your flooring. These variables also influence the type of procedure SERVPRO restorers adopt. 

Thick carpets can be a real issue when coming into contact with water. With large porous fibers, they can take on significant amounts of moisture, which is tough to extract using standard drying equipment. At SERVPRO, we have access to various water extraction devices. Generally, they use a centrifugal motor to create a powerful vacuum that transports water from your home through a duct and releases it into a storage tank. 

Properties fitted with thick carpets need a select type of extraction tool. Self-propelled extraction tools use a motor to move automatically across the rug. These weighted devices can compress your carpet's fibers to squeeze the moisture out. Technically, they work similarly to squeezing or wringing a wet cloth. SERVPRO technicians can provide additional weight by standing on top of the extractor. This method can be particularly beneficial when subtracting moisture from both carpet and pad. 

Every home is different. We tailor our water damage restoration services to get your property back to its preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. 

Weighted Extraction Units for Saturated Morristown Flooring

3/2/2021 (Permalink)

living room with tan carpet half covered in water SERVPRO has the tools to remove water damage from your home's carpet.

Types of Water Extraction Tools

Choosing professional restoration for your damaged Morristown home might not always be the easiest decision, despite our extensive inventory of recovery tools and years of expertise. For water damage, many homeowners mistakenly believe that the damage is only as bad as they can see and neglect moisture and dampness in the padding and subflooring beneath carpets. These materials can become a breeding ground for microbial threats. 

One way our restoration team gets set apart from other options in the area is the tools we have for tasks like water removal in Morristown homes. Our professionals arrive with several weighted extraction units for carpeted floors to remove moisture from both the carpet material and the padding below. Choosing among the types available depends on the area needing attention and sometimes even the saturation level of these materials. 

There are two main types of deep extraction tools available to get attached to wet vacuums and extraction units. 

Self-Propelled Extraction Tools 

These units are among the most advanced in weighted extractors as they feature an independent motor that can move the unit throughout the damaged area at a consistent rate. These units pass over carpeted areas and squeeze the padding and carpet together to force moisture to the surface because of their weight. These machines have an intake hose to move the surfaced moisture to the extraction unit for disposal.

Stationary Units

These vary in sizes up to 200 square inches. Like the motorized options, these pads feature an intake hose to move displaced water through the extractor and the drainage point. While these units involve more movement and placement than the propelled versions, these are ideal for situations where space and accessibility for self-propelled units are limited. 

Removing moisture from the carpets of your home can be more complicated than it seems, especially for homeowners who do not have the sophisticated tools available to our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team. No matter how we can help, from extraction to more intricate restoration practices, give our professionals a call at (423) 318-6733. 

Mold Growth Situations in Whitestown Homes

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage on a white wall While DIY mold damage remediation may be tempting, it is best to contact the professionals at SERVPRO.

Professional Mold Damage Remediation

Homeowners naturally want to save as much money and time as possible when mold damage situations have developed in Whitestown residences. The unfortunate truth about the presence of mold is how hazardous these conditions can be for those exposed and the structural integrity of affected host materials. While DIY approaches are not altogether impossible, there are many ways that homeowners can believe they are helping – but are actually hurting – their properties. 

There is a reason that so many residents have relied on the extensive experience and training of our SERVPRO remediation specialists to address mold damage in their Whitestown homes. We have a rapid response to these emergencies that can help to quickly manage the situation through containment efforts and prevent further migration of these colonies to new regions of the house. Even without choosing our professional remediation approach, there are ways that you might think you are helping the house but could be making the situation worse.

Why to Not Try DIY Bleach Cleaning

Cleaning up the presence of mold colonization is a common practice for homeowners looking to avoid the presumed costs of professional remediation. While you might find sources on the internet that suggest household bleach can work to remove the organism, this is not the case. With thousands of varieties of mold, bleach can sometimes make the situation more volatile. In situations where it does not, the cleaning only affects surface growth and allows the organism's equally hazardous roots to continue to thrive.

Natural Drying Techniques 

We strive to address the moisture and dampness that causes mold growth when our SERVPRO remediators arrive at your address. Some homeowners might believe that natural drying occurs after a period that removes the dampness threat and addresses the presence of mold colonies. In truth, without directly repairing vulnerabilities that cause water damage, mold growth can worsen. If already removed, the organism can thrive again and again.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to save time and money by addressing mold concerns independently. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County can help to double-check these efforts or perform a thorough and complete remediation process for your property. Give us a call for whatever you need at (423) 318-6733.