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Archived Blog Posts

Water Cleanup in Morristown Often Requires Expert Carpet Cleaning

3/20/2023 (Permalink)

teck cleaning and drying a commercial grade tiled carpet Rely on SERVPRO to clean and dry water damaged carpeting in your Morristown business.

Our Commercial Morristown Water Cleanup Teams Restore Carpets

Regardless of the type of business you operate in Morristown, it likely has carpeted areas. While attractive, this carpeting poses a significant threat to your facilities if it gets wet during a water-related event. It could transfer moisture to and discolor furnishings, warp, and buckle wooden subflooring, and promote fungal growths that could further damage your buildings and cause persistent foul odors.

SERVPRO’s technicians are experts at the hot water extraction carpet cleaning often necessary in commercial water cleanup projects in Morristown. Such expertise enables us to protect your flooring from the harmful effects of issues like ceiling leaks and burst pipes. Ultimately, it is just one of the many factors that make our water removal services and water damage repairs so effective.

SERVPRO’s hot water extraction method for cleaning carpets is as follows:

  • Carpeting is prepared by agitating any soiled areas with a pilating rake; the spots to be cleaned are vacuumed, big stains and especially dirty places are pretreated with an ultra-lite sprayer, and soiling is broken up in the pretreated areas
  • Furniture is moved so that rooms can be cleaned from the outside to the inside, and carpet edges are scrubbed six inches from the baseboard with stair and edge brushes
  • Antimicrobial solution is applied with an extraction wand in a V-stroke pattern, a “chop” stroke is used to agitate deeply stained spots, and over-spray is wiped off baseboards with a dry towel
  • Rinsed areas are dry vacuumed twice using a V-stroke
  • Carpet is pilated in one direction, topical treatments are applied, and furniture is blocked/padded and put back in its proper place
  • Air movers are arranged to speed carpet drying, and courtesy mats/traffic paper are placed in high-traffic areas

So, whenever you need water cleanup services, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Hamblen County. We are always ready for your call at (423) 318-6733.

Hire Restoration Experts for Morristown Hidden Water Damage

3/16/2023 (Permalink)

leaks in crawlspace Leaks in plumbing lead to water damage in Morristown homes. Call SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Offers Quality Water Damage Restoration Service

Your stress level undoubtedly gets high when you have visible water pooling in your home from a spill or flooding. However, it is a new worry once you suspect a leak is causing hidden water damage. You must find and fix the water leak before it leads to mold growth or the need for costly repairs. As a Morristown property owner, know that you have skilled technicians ready to help at SERVPRO. Our team includes experienced water restoration technicians (WRT) who can assess your interior and get to the root cause of the issue before it gets any worse. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Once you place a call to our customer care team, we can send someone out to help with water restoration at your Morristown home or business. There are some specific signs indicating hidden water damage is beginning to develop:

  • Bubbling or peeling wallpaper or paint
  • Drywall that feels soft or ceiling tiles that bow and sag
  • Lifting, warping, or buckling of your floor tiles
  • Stains that develop on your trim, walls, and ceilings
  • Foul, earthy odors
  • Visible patches or blotches of mold or mildew

Why do I need professional restoration services?

While there could be slight issues you can tackle as DIY, hidden water damage is nothing to address nonchalantly. To avoid trouble for your building materials and structural elements, you must locate and dry all areas with hidden moisture. SERVPRO technicians use moisture detection tools like thermal imaging and sensors to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Some of the common causes of hidden water damage include:

  • Condensation from your HVAC system
  • Leaking pipes
  • Worn seals around your toilets, tubs, and showers
  • Dripping from your dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater

From initial assessment to finishing touches, SERVPRO of Hamblen County is here to address your water restoration needs. Call us today, and our Green Fleet will be there within hours. We aim to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Trust SERVPRO With Water Damage Repairs in Morristown

3/3/2023 (Permalink)

storm sign ahead Get ready for the stormy weather to your Morristown home by calling SERVPRO

Rely on The Knowledge of IICRC-Certified Experts For Water Remediation in Morristown Homes

Having water damage in your Morristown home is not something you look forward to. When stormwater is the source of the problem, removing it is crucial to protecting your home. Frequently, items like wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs need to be removed entirely to prevent secondary damage. Laminate floors may need a replacement as they delaminate, thanks to the water. But before you even get to make those decisions, you must reach out to an expert team for their guidance.

In Morristown, water damage repairs and restoration are easily handled by calling SERVPRO and our team of experts. Just like your doctor checks you out when you're not feeling well, so do our water restoration technicians thoroughly examine all areas of your home following the stormwater's entry. We can detect and treat water deposits and accumulations with advanced infrared technology and specialized measuring tools.

Water damage repairs go beyond removing water. It should include cleaning every home surface to prevent mold growth and resorting to specialty drying solutions when needed. By having a comprehensive suite of options, our SERVPRO team can meet the needs of all your home. To help us in that process, we also offer the following-

  • If needed, move-out services to vacate the home completely or partially to facilitate the remediation process. Every item is inventoried and returned to its original place when the process is done.
  • Controlled demolition for identified compromised areas and their corresponding repairs if feasible.
  • Establishment of physical barriers separating affected areas from safe areas in the home to avoid unnecessary contamination.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County is a phone call away. Call us at (423) 318-6733 and let us leave your home "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in Morristown Homes Is Best When Professionally Handled

12/18/2022 (Permalink)

house odors and stuff affecting lungs cartoon What is the invisible fire damage for Morristown properties? ODOR! Contact SERVPRO to make the house fire seem "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Restores Morristown Homes After Fire Damage

Fires can cause considerable losses to many homeowners, based on data by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which claims that firefighters respond to a fire every 24 seconds in the United States. Property owners can minimize the losses if the fire is countered early enough, but statistics show that property damage losses due to fire damage equal $25.5 billion every year.

To avoid huge losses, we advise that you contact a restoration service provider as soon as possible. Property owners need not worry much about the availability of fire damage restoration services in Morristown since SERVPRO has a local station packed with certified and well-trained technicians ready to come to your service anytime. We also have top-notch equipment that helps us handle almost any situation.

One of the effects of fire damage on a house is smoke odor. SERVPRO technicians are well trained on the modes of permeation of the smoke molecules and various methods of removing them. Independent of whether the smell is real or imagined/psychological, we have multiple products we can use to put you at ease. They include:

Odor counteracting beads - They are time-releasing masking agents that produce pleasant fragrances that freshen up the affected area.

Deodorant pellets/granules – These are odor absorbers containing fuller's earth as the primary ingredient. It acts as a sponge for absorbing and holding odors.

We mix water-based counteractants with cleaning solutions to control smoke odor.

Our SERVPRO team applies water-based wet fog deodorizers using a ULV fogger to make fog or fine mist.

Solvent-based thermal fog deodorizer is applied using a thermal fogger and then given time to penetrate affected materials and counteract the odors.

Our SERVPRO technicians can apply water-based thermal fog deodorizers to eliminate flammability concerns. The produced fog then penetrates cracks and crevices for odor control.

When the restoration process is not handled correctly, the costs can go up. Don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 to perform fire damage repair. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Call for Morristown Mold Remediation ASAP

11/20/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall near an electrical outlet Smelled or found signs of mold damage? Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation and odor removal services. Our technicians are standing by.

Morristown Residents Trust SERVPRO for Expert Mold Remediation

It is a natural instinct for many people to spray and wipe mold patches they find in their bathroom around sinks, tubs, and showers. However, you risk possible hazards when handling mold cleanup on your own. Rather than addressing mold patches on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces with a DIY approach, the safest and most effective option is calling skilled technicians for mold remediation. If you have areas of concern within your Morristown home or business, SERVPRO is available for mold remediation and cleanup you can count on.

Why enlist the help of professional mold remediation technicians in Morristown?

SERVPRO has an entire team of highly-trained and certified technicians ready to address all types of mold development. We bring all the right equipment for each project, including the proper personal protective equipment for safety during the cleanup process. Our Green Fleet also comes stocked with an assortment of antimicrobials and EPA-registered cleaning agents to thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces within your property.

If you are unsure if it is time to contact professionals for cleanup and remediation, these are some issues to look for:

  • Visible mold patches under cabinets, around carpeting, ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.
  • Strong, musty odors anywhere in the home.
  • An unusual increase in humidity.
  • A significant spill or plumbing leak that might not have been thoroughly cleaned up.

Why not try a DIY cleanup?

Many people fail to realize that countless types of mold and spores are all around us, inside and outside homes and workspaces. Disturbing mold spores could mean further infestation in other areas of your property. Additionally, there are potential risks best not taken so that you can ensure the project gets done right the first time. Hiring trained technicians gets you results, and SERVPRO will ensure you get the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal of approval. 

Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733, and we can mobilize a team to help with mold remediation. We always strive to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Trust SERVPRO for Prompt Commercial Water Restoration in Morristown Hotels

10/3/2022 (Permalink)

water leaking from the ceiling tiles of a ceiling When water damage occurs in your hotel, you want it dealt with quickly and efficiently. Contact SERVPRO for expert advice and remediation services.

Commercial Water Restoration in Morristown Demands Professionalism

After a water damage incident in your hotel, you need an immediate response to reduce business interruption. SERVPRO responds promptly and is prepared to mitigate water damage with compassion, expertise, and respect. 

We can handle your project from the beginning to the end, including reconstruction. During commercial water restoration in your Morristown hotel, we can quickly stabilize the property, evaluate your loss, and plan for rapid recovery. Commercial clients rely on our superior disaster restoration services that include: 

  • Emergency mitigation services
  • Water extraction
  • Cleanup and sanitization
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Reconstruction

After a water intrusion incident, your hotel might not have adequate vacant rooms to relocate the affected guests. Closing is not an option, so our SERVPRO team can coordinate the work to create the most minimal impact on existing operations and your guests. We can also preserve the furnishings and electronics required for business operations to continue. Water damage can spread to many rooms in the building and may eventually cause mold growth or structural damage. Porous materials like drywall, wood, furnishings and hardwood flooring absorb water. They can get stained, rotted, or warped. 

Our team can provide you with fast water mitigation services to prevent the weakening of building materials like drywall and wood. We can use advanced centrifugal pumps to remove the water. These pumps convert rational energy from motors to energy to move fluids. They include high-pressure pumps, self-priming trash pumps, and electric submersible pumps

Our SERVPRO technicians can also use drying equipment to eliminate moisture. Using a combination of high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers, we can effectively eliminate moisture from flooring, furnishings, and porous building materials. 

After removing the water and moisture, our SERVPRO team can clean and disinfect the affected areas using EPA-registered disinfectants. These products are antimicrobials, which destroy about 99% of organisms they contact on the surfaces where we apply them. Common disinfectants are alcohols, formaldehydes, chlorines, and phenols. 

If you find water in your commercial property, SERVPRO of Hamblen County is fully equipped and trained to handle water removal. Call us for help at (423) 318-6733 to make the incident seem “Like it never even happened.” 

Fire Restoration Gets Your Coffee Shop Open Again in Whitestown

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Fireman helmet Commercial fore damage restoration services is no easy task. Let SERVPRO professionals handle all the work.

Grimy Havoc No Match for Our Fire Restoration Team

When an electrical appliance catches fire in your Whitestown coffee shop, it does not have to spread or burn a wide area to make a shop-wide mess with soot and smoke deposits. Coffee smells wonderful while roasting and brewing, but burnt coffee beans smell horrific. The oils in organic materials can make thick, clingy soot that adheres tightly to anything it settles on, making fire restoration a sticky job.

SERVPRO knows what to do to keep your coffee shop open for business in Whitestown with tailored fire restoration services. We have specialists who handle odor, soot, cleaning, deconstruction, rebuilding, painting, and more. Each task we take means more streamlined services for you. The norm with a fire inside an enclosed place is the soot that settles everywhere. Your patrons do not want soot-flavored coffee.

Soot particles come in different varieties but break down into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are coarse and jagged; when they enter our noses, we can detect them as bitter, unpleasant odors. When we touch soot, it feels smooth and powdery, but if we leave it on shiny surfaces, we find them ruined with a dull appearance from their sharp edges cutting into the finish. Many veterinarians recommend using wood ash as a dust bath medium for animals suffering from ectoparasites because of its microscopic properties.

We use specialized, time-tested tools to get soot out of a building. Because soot hides, this can take some time, even with the best approaches possible. SERVPRO uses these, and a few others, to get your fire restoration job completed:

  • HEPA-filtered vacuums and brushes,
  • Dampened towels and special sponges, 
  • Thermal foggers, and
  • Air scrubbing units.

Each of these items helps us get your coffee shop cleaned up and free of soot. Getting soot out of your shop means smoky odors won’t undermine any cleaning or reconstruction work we do for your coffee shop. Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 day or night for experts who want to make everything “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage Cleanup in Morristown Starts with Extraction

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO advanced water damage equipment sign SERVPRO flood damage restoration for your home is no DIY project. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate service for your home.

Getting Started with Flood Damage Cleanup

The shock of seeing your home in Morristown underwater, flooded along with the other houses along your street, can be a terrible feeling. Your memories are in that house, and your plans for the future often held your home as a crucial part. SERVPRO understands how devastating flood damage affects families because we live in the same neighborhoods. We want to help our neighbors get back in their homes, and we can do so quickly.

Our capability to restore our neighbors’ homes to livable conditions relies on the rapid cleanup of those Morristown properties with flood damage. We get things started with our pump trucks and other extraction equipment. While some team members use thickly gloved hands to grab and bag debris that the floodwaters pushed into your home, other team members are working on getting floodwater out of trapped areas. We find these inside homes in places like:

  • Dead spaces in staircases,
  • Compartments under cabinets, and
  • Interior walls.

We must remove the water trapped inside these areas to help our desiccation equipment work at its optimal ability. Because these areas are also free of strong air currents and get no sunlight, they are a microbe’s dream environment. We want to prevent any secondary damage from occurring, including mold infestation.

Small compartments underneath cabinets like your sinks or built-in bookshelves need dismantling, draining, drying out, antimicrobial treatment, and rebuilding. We check for these often-hidden and overlooked places with the aid of infrared cameras. These show the cooler temps damp areas are known to produce.

We dry floors by ridding them of soaked carpets and padding, allowing us to get subflooring structures dried out and stabilized. We use the Injectidry system to extract water from underneath wooden sections of hardwood flooring. This specialized system lets us dry floors uniformly, preventing cupping and curling, cutting down on the need for sanding and buffing later.

Let SERVPRO of Hamblen County handle your next emergency. We arrive ready to start mitigating and restoration and can advise you of options every step of the way. Call us at (423) 318-6733 day or night.

Flood Damage Restoration Requires Extensive Work in Morristown

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician using a moisture meter on wall. Storm and flood damage restoration is no easy task. Call SERVPRO for the help you need.

Finish Off Flood Damage with Trained Restorers

Extracting the water is a great start to flood damage mitigation and restoration in Morristown. SERVPRO can make things happen quickly, reducing the time your family stays inconvenienced. We address many aspects of flooding and help reduce their impact on your family.

Drying out your home helps control the severity of flood damage your Morristown home sustains. Restoring an arid environment reduces the degree of secondary water damage and microbial infestations we need to work with shortly. Our very capable team members carry these tasks out, as well as controlled demolition of warped areas that require extensive rebuilding.

Our services include:

  • Drying out of your home’s interior,
  • Controlled demolition, and
  • Targeted treatments to address potential microbial growth.

Drying the interior of your home takes time because of the intensive saturation. The air also holds moisture, and we need to dry out areas where the water from the flood did not reach because of the high absorption level. Desiccant machines, air movers, and heaters help accomplish this. We also use air scrubbers to diminish the number of contaminants in the air, as this helps with controlled demolition work and the prevention of microbial infestations.

Flooding can become so forceful that it twists beams and leaves them too weak and broken to continue their job inside your home. We remove these components and rebuild, making it all “Like it never even happened.”

We also take preventive measures during the time spent rebuilding your home’s interior structure. One of these is to spray antimicrobial agents onto surfaces, which kills off most one-celled organisms, so you do not need to worry about any microbial infestations taking over in the future. The chemical we use is a harmless (to humans and pets) salt that dries clear, without any noticeable residue or odor.

Always ready to help our neighbors, you can call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733.

Protecting Contents of Whitestown Homes During Fire Restoration

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO here to help sign Fire damage restoration for your Whitestown home needs to be handled by SERVPRO. We are here to help 24/7 365 days a year.

Fire Restoration for Damaged Contents

To many customers, personal belongings and contents are the priority with fire damage restoration and recovery efforts. Our prompt arrival for mitigation allows us to help with three heavily impacted types of materials:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Non-Porous Objects

Recovering Fire Damaged Clothing in Whitestown

If clothing is directly exposed to the fire damage in Whitestown, there is a good chance that it is too heavily damaged to restore. However, indirect damages and loss effects leave an opening for fixing your wardrobe. Often one of the greatest threats to clothing is harsh malodors that become trapped in the threads and pores of the fabrics. We utilize fogging deodorization to penetrate these impacted elements and offer greater off-site deodorization like ozone chambers.

Cleaning Up Impacted Furniture

Tables, chairs, and upholstered items can be quickly overwhelmed by circulating soot and smoke damage. Cleaning furniture often starts with removing any loose debris from the horizontal surfaces and determining the best approach for solvents and detergents based on the type of affected material. Dry cleaning approaches and extraction techniques can help improve the appearance of soot-damaged upholstery.

Restoring Hard Materials Off-Site

While some cleaning is possible at the residence while fire restoration continues, restoring certain belongings at our SERVPRO warehouse is often more helpful. Using sophisticated, advanced equipment like the ultrasonic submersion tanks that utilize vibration and bursting bubbles to break soils free and lift them from the surface of non-porous items, we can make fire loss "Like it never even happened" for many of your kitchen items.

Contents are a considerable variable of fire restoration and recovery for area homes. Even with the prompt response of experienced professionals like ours, all of your items might not be able to be saved or protected from fire loss effects. It is one of the focuses of our mitigation process to do whatever possible to preserve your possessions. Call our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team today at (423) 318-6733. 

The Priority of Morristown Water Mitigation Services

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO advanced water damage equipment sign Water damage restoration for your Morristown home is no DIY project. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the help you need.

Protecting the Structure with Water Mitigation

Water damages happen every day, and our SERVPRO team is prepared for those that would affect Hamblen County. We work fast to mobilize our technicians with effective mitigation tools and equipment ranging from extractors to disinfection and surface cleaning products.

How Can We Protect the Building?

Water mitigation for Morristown homes introduces a combination of practical actions. Mobilizing quickly means that we can implement many of these efforts to reduce irreparable destruction. The chief means of protecting your home are:

  • Removing Water - Initial mitigation is removing all possible water, including standing water on the surface and trapped moisture in building materials. 
  • Controlled DemolitionBulk materials or oversaturated construction elements must be removed and discarded to access damaged areas. 
  • Preventing Mold Growth - Moist surfaces can benefit from applying sporicidal agents to avoid infestations.
  • Emergency Repairs - From repairing plumbing to sealing over structural openings, these repairs help to protect the property from water damage while restoration starts. 
  • Getting Drying Started - With the mitigation steps completed, drying should begin as soon as possible. We evaluate the best placement of air movers and dehumidifiers to have the greatest impact. 

Full-Service Contractors to Help

Mitigation is not the only work that your property will need after water disasters. However, having a knowledgeable and experienced team complete with multiple certifications and a general contractor license allows us to be a one-stop shop for restoration and recovery. We transition from mitigation to drying and reconstruction to save customers time and money without extended recovery windows.

The fast arrival of experienced professionals can be instrumental in protecting a home or business from irreparable harm. Our experience as leading water restoration professionals keeps us ready to respond at the first notice of loss to help throughout the county. Give our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team a call when you need us at (423) 318-6733.

How Sporicidal Agents Help Mold Removal in Morristown

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Open windows for fresh air sign Morristown mold remediation needs the help of SERVPRO. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Mold Removal Relies on Powerful Products

Mold is underrated and underappreciated as a destructive force against homes and businesses in the area. Even with a prompt response to these situations, organisms can still deteriorate hosting organic materials and require direct restoration measures like a controlled demolition. Sometimes, however, surface cleaning can be effective for:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Sporicidal Agents Can Help

Mold removal in Morristown should often start with surface cleaning strategies. Sporicidal agents and antimicrobial products are applied to surfaces with light mold damage to eliminate these spores on contact or after a short exposure time. In many cases, the base of these solutions is strong chlorine or biocides, which can even help to make a surface uninhabitable to migrating mold spores as remediation continues.

Surface Cleaning and Air Filtration

Surface cleaning is less effective if the circulation of mold spores and the migration of these organisms have not been resolved. Combining the use of sporicidal agents with efforts like HEPA air filtration can allow the surface cleanup to be more efficient and effective. Air filtration is also one of the primary components in preventing the continued spread of microbial threats in the house.

What if Surface Cleaning Is Not Working?

While surface cleaning is one of the preferred options for restoration and remediation after mold exposure, this is not the only option available. SERVPRO also utilizes more aggressive and abrasive tactics when this outermost cleaning will not suffice. Options here include media blasting, sanding, and controlled demolition.

If you think mold could be growing in your home or business, you should act quickly to resolve this growing and spreading threat. It does not take long for a manageable mold situation to get out of control. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team is ready and able to help when you call (423) 318-6733.

Fire Restoration for Soot Damage in Morristown Warehouses

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO heading to a job site. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have all the training and experience needed for every size commercial fire. We are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

We Address Several Damages During Fire Restoration

As with all fire loss situations, cleanup and recovery of warehouses happen in several stages. Trained FSRT-Certified Large Loss technicians are ready to respond when these emergencies impact your business.

Were Wares Damaged?

The first consideration for fire restoration in Morristown warehouses is the inventory condition. When SERVPRO can protect wares, our team must act with deliberate action like pack-out or surface cleaning.

Where is Soot Damage?

We must readily inspect the property for where soot exists. Machinery can be covered with plastic sheeting to protect against circulating soils while filtration and other surface cleaning get started.

Will Special Equipment be Necessary?

Production facilities and warehouses are often known for their massive construction, including high ceilings. Fire causes smoke to billow in cyclic currents that push upward, impacting many of these beams and ceiling materials by moving smoke solids. Tools are necessary to clean structural elements, like:

  • Scissor lifts
  • Man lifts with cage baskets
  • Ladders

Can the Warehouse Continue to Function?

Sometimes fires do not devastate the entire production facility, making it possible to continue operating in a limited capacity. We evaluate the property's condition and establish necessary containment to prevent any cross-contamination concerns.

What Efficiently Overcomes Obstacles?

Preparedness for disasters can be the difference between manageable or heavily destructive conditions. Many businesses never reopen after widespread structure fires. Our SERVPRO team helps to prepare with our free Emergency Ready Profile plan. This program has commercial customers in our area set up a free file that designates SERVPRO as the disaster relief organization for emergencies, details needed information for a faster response, and notes the chain of command for restoration decisions.

Larger commercial properties in the area can significantly suffer from unexpected structure fires. As challenging as cleanup and restoration can be, we have qualified technicians with cutting-edge equipment to get you operating at full capacity quickly after disasters. Call our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team when you need us at (423) 318-6733.

Storms Can Turn to Flood Damage in Whitestown Homes

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO storm damage can happen fast Storm damage restoration is no easy task. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for every job. Call now!

There Are Five Objectives for Flood Damage

Flooding is one of the more urgent and rapidly-worsening scenarios homes might face. Rapid restoration is vital because of the severity of storm systems and how quickly intruding water can make its way into a property. While a restoration project consists of dozens of steps, there are five primary focuses by experienced professionals of our SERVPRO team:

  • Containing the impact
  • Protecting personal belongings
  • Repairing structural concerns
  • Drying the structure
  • Cleaning exposed surfaces

Mitigation Relies on Effective Containment

With any disaster or threatening situation, flood damage in Whitestown homes requires efficient mitigation solutions. Containing the movement of floodwater, especially when contamination is a concern, protects more of the house and its contents.

Stopping Damage to Contents

Flooding, water damage, mold, and other connected effects can threaten personal belongings and furniture within your house. Fortunately, our SERVPRO team has efficient strategies to help. Relocation is the most efficient means of protecting private property, though if damage has already resulted, on and off-site cleaning can help.

Build-Back Services to Help

We can perform build-back actions like controlled demolition with a general contractor license. We must also tarp or board up structural vulnerabilities while cleanup gets underway to prevent recurring issues.

Efficient Drying Solutions

Drying is always a key element of water restoration and post-flooding recovery. Air movers and dehumidifiers play the biggest role, but heaters, drying mats, positive pressure systems, and extractors also help.

Powerful Cleaners and Disinfectants

Contamination is a common concern for flooding. We have disinfectants, antimicrobial, and phenolic cleaning products to impact damaged surfaces directly.

There are several objectives for cleaning up after a flood loss incident. We work fast to mitigate the impact of floodwater on sensitive surfaces and clean up after possible contaminants. Our WRT and ASD-Certified technicians can make it "Like it never even happened." Call our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team now at (423) 318-6733.

Removing Moisture from Materials for Morristown Water Mitigation

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO moisture detection tool SERVPRO helps all homeowners with water damage mitigation services. We have the manpower and equipment for every size disaster.

Water Mitigation Protects Many Materials

Water emergencies like leaks and pipe bursts require prompt action and a fast arrival window. We understand the urgency of water cleanup. After a day or two of exposure, the salvageability of impacted materials decreases significantly. Our mobilization for mitigation allows us to perform several emergency services to protect:

  • Drywall
  • Carpets
  • Wood Flooring
  • Ceiling Systems

The Impact of Water on Drywall

Drywall is among the most porous building materials, making it a focus of water mitigation in Morristown homes. With as little as 24 hours of direct water exposure, sheetrock can begin to swell, bloat, and warp. When the areas around drywall cannot be dried, the material must often be removed and replaced.

Protecting Carpets with Fast Action

Carpeting is also a porous element in home construction. Pooling water on the surfaces of your residence can become quickly absorbed by carpet systems. The fibrous top layer is highly absorbent, but the padding underneath and subflooring can also capture migrating moisture.

Mitigation Strategies to Save Hardwood

Whether engineered plank, natural hardwood, or simulated wood planks, wood flooring requires different types of water restoration and mitigative solutions. While water resistance is one of the selling points for many types of luxury plank, this does not protect your home from water getting underneath the components or direct absorption.

The Early Actions for Water-Damaged Ceilings

A water pipe can often be installed in the ceiling assemblies to limit the eyesore of the exposed pipe. However, when bursts occur, these ceiling materials can become overly saturated by the flowing water. Drywall and plaster are rarely salvageable after becoming heavily affected.

Water mitigation and restoration solutions require experience and knowledge of the latest cleaning and restoration techniques. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team can help when these emergencies occur. Give us a call today at (423) 318-6733. 

Common Fire Restoration Actions Whitestown Properties Require

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher in front of fire Fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now!

SERVPRO Handles Fire Damage in Whitestown Conveniently

Fire incidents in Whitestown can be classified as minor or major depending on how vastly they spread through a property. However, such a simple classification is not enough to reveal all the necessary fire restoration actions.

Comprehensive fire restoration in Whitestown properties is critical whether the incident is localized in one area or widespread. The sections adjacent to the seat of the fire require more work or advanced procedures, while in far-flung parts, ordinary surface cleaning resolves most issues. SERVPRO performs quick evaluations determining the specific actions needed inside and outside your home.

Common fire restoration tasks:

  • Cleanup
  • Repairs
  • Repainting
  • Deodorization

The smoke produced during combustion finally settles on contents and structural materials, leaving them caked with residues. Removing all these residues is essential and might require more than one approach. Our SERVPRO technicians are well prepared with vacuums and feather dusters to remove the dry residues before applying wet cleaning procedures.

Finishing Touches

Removing soot and other fire residues is rarely enough to complete restoration. Once the residues are gone, pungent odors and blemishes affecting surface finishes remain. Fixing these issues is essential to restore the property to its preloss condition. Our SERVPRO technicians can help perform elaborate deodorization procedures to neutralize all odors. For example, thermal fogging helps atomize deodorizers allowing them to penetrate deep into materials where they can combine with odor molecules, neutralizing them. Ventilating the property with box fans after fogging helps restore normalcy.

Repainting walls, ceilings, and other structural areas are essential to restore a property to its preloss state. Repainting may be necessary when cleaned areas still have blemishes or spots. Alternatively, after replacing some panels, painting helps ensure a uniform finish. Our SERVPRO technicians handle these and other repairs your home might require.

Necessary repairs after a fire

  • Striping and replacing the electrical system
  • Replacing charred wall and ceiling panels
  • Replacing door and window trim

SERVPRO of Hamblen County is well prepared to tackle simple or advanced fire restoration procedures. You can reach us at (423) 318-6733 when you need any problem addressed, "Like it never even happened."

Interferences to Water Damage Restoration Processes in Morristown

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SERVPRO here to help sign SERVPRO water damage restoration specialists have the training and experience for every disaster. We are here to help.

SERVPRO Flexibility Sustains Morristown Water Restoration

A faster conclusion of any property disaster is essential to restore normalcy and minimize recovery costs, among other things. In case of water damage, rapid mitigation can prevent secondary deterioration and inconveniences that limit the usage of the property. However, extraneous factors can interfere with the restoration of your Morristown property.

Even when seeking to conclude water damage restoration in your Morristown home in good time, you should always question the implications of such a speedy conclusion. If it is too costly in terms of the money spent or precipitates the loss of other valuable things and your well-being, it might not be advisable to pursue a speedy process. SERVPRO uses a balanced approach that expedites the process but streamlines any issues that would otherwise become obstacles.

Hindrances affecting water restoration

  • Safety hazards
  • Active water sources
  • Microbial growth

Water accumulation can make a property hazardous since it leaves surfaces slick, and some materials deteriorate structurally over time. Wetness in power outlets and switches creates electrical hazards, while contaminants dissolved in water or stagnation create biological hazards. These issues need to be addressed before water restoration begins. SERVPRO crews do not have to wait long since we are equipped with various PPE resources, including hard hats, rubber boots, and heavy-duty gloves.

Stopping Leaks for Restoration

Restoring a property after water intrusion involves steps such as extracting stagnant water and humidity control. However, such actions cannot help if the water source keeps replenishing what is removed. Therefore, stopping the water source is a priority. Most pipe leaks can be quickly addressed by shutting off the main supply valves. However, if the pipe is linked to a cistern or other internal storage, that does not provide the final solution. Our SERVPRO technicians can help find temporary fixes as you wait for a permanent plumbing fix allowing restoration to proceed.

Ways to stop water leaks

  • Using pipe clamps
  • Installing repair sleeves
  • Using rubber pipe connectors

SERVPRO of Hamblen County can help you avoid unnecessary delays during water restoration. You can reach us at (423) 318-6733. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Reasons Mold Removal from Morristown Properties Differs

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quote on a green background with a SERVPRO logo Mold remediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians are ready at a moment's notice.

SERVPRO Resources Ease Morristown Mold Remediation

Mold is not a new phenomenon for most people since it is commonly seen in many outdoor locations. However, when it affects the indoor areas of your Morristown home, you have more to worry about apart from the ruined finishes. You might be unaware of the unique challenges that mold removal can present, especially if it is left to develop uncontrollably.

You need the right resources for convenient mold removal from your Morristown property. The primary resource is knowledge since it helps you analyze the extent of the contamination and decide which equipment or supplies are necessary to arrest the situation. Involving SERVPRO gives unfettered access to information since our teams include IICRC-certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians.

Crucial information for mold remediation

  • Porous or nonporous materials affected
  • Concealed or open infestation
  • The stage of contamination
  • The moisture situation 

Mold can proliferate on surfaces covered by drywall, wallpaper, and carpets. Each of these materials has some uniqueness that can affect the remediation procedures. For instance, if a surface is layered with wallpaper, stripping it off is essential before thinking of other remediation processes since colonies proliferate beneath the wallpaper. Mold devastates porous materials as its hyphae penetrate surfaces, so it is impossible to complete remediation without cutting tools to remove the deteriorated materials. SERVPRO is equipped with a variety of tools, including precision cutting instruments.

Changes That Mold Undergoes

Once mold contamination starts on your property, the situation changes fast as the colonies go through growth stages like sporulation, vegetative, and reproduction. During sporulation, the problem is mostly at the surface. Remediation mostly requires light methods such as damp wiping surfaces with antimicrobial agents and drying excess moisture. Once fungal growth sets it, potent cleaning action is necessary. Our SERVPRO technicians wire brush or sand away mold colonies.

Other useful remediation methods

  • Soda blasting
  • Dry ice blasting
  • HEPA vacuuming

The process is streamlined when you call SERVPRO of Hamblen County to handle mold removal. You can reach us at (423) 318-6733. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Best Tools for Water Restoration in Morristown Office Buildings

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SERVPRO vehicle outside a job site. Commercial water damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service.

Significant Losses in Morristown Businesses Require Effective Extractors for Water Removal

We are at large loss restoration providers capable of arriving quickly with leading tools and devices for water removal, drying, and cleaning after water damage incidents.

What Caused the Damage?

Before water restoration in Morristown office buildings can get underway, we must determine the source of the water loss to the property. It is critical to track moisture movement and any structural concerns so that mitigation impacts the vital areas to protect your business best.

Truck-Mount Extractor

The most powerful units we utilize for water removal services are the truck mount extractors in our SERVPRO Green Fleet. Not only are these engine-driven, making them have a stable and unparalleled suction power for removal, but it is possible to run these pieces of equipment with attachments explicitly designed to overcome certain circumstances. Extensions include:

Wet Vacuums

The wet vacuum is among the most versatile tools in our inventory for extraction and water removal. These are lightweight and completely portable, making them a wise choice for many extraction needs, even in more extensive settings. Using portable extractors for multi-story structures makes sense, where reaching areas with stationary extractors could be more challenging.

Special Drying Tools

In addition to the excessive extraction devices available to our professionals, we must also utilize unique drying tools to overcome particular circumstances where water can become trapped in specific building materials. Carpeted floors are standard in office areas and can absorb water quickly. Specialty tools address this concern by extracting this water and preventing damage to the underlying subflooring.

Several devices are used to remove standing water from your office building, which is the priority of the responding technicians when water damage has occurred. Many look to our commitment to top equipment to ensure fast mitigation and restoration of disasters. Contact our SERVPRO of Hamblen County's large loss of response team at (423) 318-6733.

Basic Objectives of Fire Cleanup in Morristown Homes

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Smoke from a fire Soot and smoke removal from fire damage is no easy task. SERVPRO techs have you covered.

Individual Efforts Comprise the Larger Fire Restoration in Morristown

Fire damage incidents require several stages of cleaning and restoration. As leading restoration professionals, we have several objectives driving our processes and recovery decisions.

Debris Cleanup

Safety and the well-being of house occupants are the primary focus of fire restoration in Morristown homes. One of the initial steps necessary to ensure this safety is implementing fire debris removal protocols. Eliminating heaps of ash and burned materials from the property reduces soot concentration and makes for less extreme malodors to remove later.

Soot Management

One of the most substantial obstacles to fire restoration in your home is removing and managing soot and smoke residues. Combustion creates hazardous circumstances, allowing harmful carcinogenic particles to traverse the environment around the ignition points, spreading soot and smoke soils throughout the property through pathways like the HVAC system and structural openings. Removing residues requires several cleaning strategies, including:

  • Media Blasting
  • Alkaline Cleaners
  • Solvents
  • Controlled Demolition

Odor Removal

One of the objectives of fire damage restoration is the removal of malodors from the structure. Combustion creates volatile compounds that overwhelm affected spaces. We have multiple deodorization practices to improve air quality within the damaged areas of your home or business.

Reconstruction Services

After many fire damage incidents, reconstruction and repairs are likely to be needed. Build-back services are necessary to restore comfortable living conditions for house occupants or allow these displaced owners to return to the structure without fear of injury or harm. With a contractor license, we can complete demolition and repair services necessary after the fire, and smoke damage impact the property.

As complex and complicated as fire damage restoration can often appear, there are basic objectives that drive the process for our experienced restoration professionals. With every loss incident, specific mitigation and recovery goals must be met to return the home to preloss condition as rapidly as possible, and our roster can help. Give our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team a call today at (423) 318-6733. 

What Elements of Whitestown Attics Become Flood-Damaged?

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SERVPRO lets connect sign Storm and flood damage restoration is a job for SERVPRO. We use the latest technology and equipment for every disaster.

Fast Mitigation Dries Flood Damage in Whitestown Home's Attic Space

Flooding can happen in many forms, including damage to the roof that allows water penetration to the attic space. Mitigation of these loss events requires fast and deliberate action, which includes:

  • Drying
  • Bulk Material Removal
  • Cleanup
  • Repairs

Roof Materials

Because the roof acts as a penetration point for flood damage in Whitestown homes, elements for the construction of this roofing system are at risk for deterioration, degradation, and mold damage. The longer that roof vulnerabilities go unrepaired, the more extreme potential flood damage becomes with new storm systems. With a general contractor license, we complete temporary repairs like tarping and permanent build-back services at the appropriate time.

Flooring or Ceiling Framework

Depending on how your attic is used, you might have a complete floor in this space or rafters that the ceiling system for the floor below uses. Water damage affects both structural elements similarly, as they are both wood planks. A floor slows the progression of moisture migration to the lower living space. However, drying mats and air movers are still vital elements to remove water damage where controlled demolition is not deemed necessary.


The attic is where sheets or rolled-out mats of insulation are installed to prevent heat or cool air loss as the season's change. This material can become quickly oversaturated and heavy, pulling away from the roofing materials and heaping on the floor in a sopping pile. We use insulation vacuums, shoveling, and elbow grease to remove insulation rather than attempting to dry the damage. New material is replaced when structure drying completes.

The attic can be heavily damaged by floodwater intrusion from the roof, which typically results in the need for removing exposed elements and building back the damaged portions. As leading storm response professionals, homeowners look to SERVPRO of Hamblen County to help when disasters strike. Call now at (423) 318-6733.

SERVPRO Saves Time and Cost of Fire Restoration in Morristown

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SERVPRO state of the art sign SERVPRO commercial damage restoration techs have the knowledge and experience for every situation your place of business needs. Call now!

Can fire restoration by SERVPRO deodorize your Morristown office space?  

Deodorizing is a very important component of SERVPRO’s fire damage restoration process. Our techs use various deodorization techniques and equipment to combat the lingering odors left behind after a fire incident. 

SERVPRO techs use four basic procedures to deal with odors during fire restoration of your Morristown establishment- 

  • Remove the source of the odor and the debris.
  • Clean the surfaces that have odor-causing residues on them
  • Recreate the conditions that cause odor penetration
  • Seal the surfaces exposed to malodors

That said, not all situations warrant the use of all these steps. For instance, the SERVPRO techs might not seal surfaces except in severe odor situations where odor removal might be too expensive or impractical. 

The science behind deodorization of smoke damaged properties in Morristown

SERVPRO techs use a scientific approach in mitigating the odor problem after a fire incident in your Morristown commercial space. The two things that make odor particles so difficult to eliminate are their small size and ability to penetrate porous surfaces. 

Odor particles can be as small as 4 microns or almost 25 times smaller than the width of a human hair, allowing them to penetrate even the smallest pores in surfaces. Furthermore, the heat from the fire causes the generation of convection currents that propel the odor particles, helping them impinge on various surfaces, taking them deeper inside the pores.  

SERVPRO techs use foggers and sprays to reduce the particle size of the deodorizing agent to allow it to reach and neutralize the odor-causing particles. Thermal foggers use heat to aerosolize the deodorant and recreate the conditions that caused odor penetration in the first place.    

Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 with any questions regarding deodorization after fire damage. 

Trust SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Your Morristown Home

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SERVPRO what to know about mold sign Mold remediation services by SERVPRO are second to none. We are here for the help you need for your home.

Mold Cleanup in Morristown Homes Necessitates Professional Assistance

Mold grows from small airborne spores and flourishes in moist, warm conditions. It serves an essential role in our planet’s ecosystem since it decomposes dead organic matter. However, if mold thrives in a home, it can cause health effects.

At SERVPRO, we provide mold remediation services in Morristown properties. We can remediate the mold contamination in your residence and help you prevent future exposure. With extensive experience in remediating mold, our firm is committed to delivering high-quality results.

Calling mold cleanup professionals is essential when a mold infestation expands across an area of over 10 square feet. It is tricky to clean extensive areas of mold infestation. Our SERVPRO team can remediate the mold in your property by doing the following:

Containing the Affected Area

We do this to prevent cross-contamination of unaffected surfaces. When remediating mold, the spores usually become airborne. Our restores can take precautions to prevent the spores from spreading to other areas. We can set up containment chambers, which close off the affected zone and expedite cleanup by confining debris and dust.

Removing the Water or Moisture Source

Our team can use moisture sensors to measure the moisture within materials. These devices have sensor pins that penetrate the materials so that restorers can get precise readings. Our SERVPRO team can implement several strategies to prevent the spread of mold spores. This includes fixing leaks, tending to water-damaged areas, ventilating, and dehumidifying the moist areas.

Removing Contaminated Materials and Visible Mold Colonies

When a home has mold damage, it is essential to remove contaminated materials properly. Also, it is vital to remove any furniture, food, settled dust, and other nearby materials that can become hosts for mold. We can remove contaminated materials and dispose of them. Our SERVPRO technicians can also remove the visible traces of debris left behind from the remediation process using HEPA vacuum cleaners and damp wiping.

When you need mold remediation services, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We can make the mold infestation seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage Restoration in Morristown Calls for Expertise

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SERVPRO logo SERVPRO water damage restoration services are top-notch. We will have your home back to preloss condition ASAP.

SERVPRO Provides Effective Water Damage Repairs in Morristown Homes

The intrusion of water into your residence can offset the indoor environment, posing health risks and causing structural damage at the same time. Taking mitigative action within 24-48 hours is crucial.

SERVPRO has the proper equipment and expertise required to perform water damage restoration in your Morristown home effectively. Our method is highly scientific, emphasizing monitoring and documenting the entire drying process. Our overall water repair process is as outlined below:

Inspection and assessment

Upon arrival, our SERVPRO crew can inspect your building to determine how safe it is and then do a full assessment to determine the severity of the damage.

Extraction of water

We can use extraction units to get standing water out of your building to prevent further damage. Our restorers can use self-propelled extraction tools to remove water from your carpet flooring. An independent motor powers these tools and moves them over carpeting at a constant rate. The extraction tools compress the carpet and pad, squeeze the water out and remove it through an extractor’s vacuum system.

Cleaning and disinfecting

The floors, furniture, and personal belongings affected by the water may require cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization. SERVPRO can use industrial-grade cleaners and antimicrobials to eliminate any microbial organisms. A disinfected level of cleaning is achieved when at least 99 percent of the contaminates and soils are destroyed or made safe for human health. We can then apply deodorizers to remove the smell left behind.


We can use air movers to force dry air into the affected area to increase evaporation on surfaces like walls and floors. We can also use desiccant dehumidifiers to extract water vapor from the air to create a favorable internal environment.

Repair and restoration

To restore your residence to its preloss condition, it may be necessary to perform some reconstruction. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you conduct the repairs, be they minor or full rebuilding.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County assures property owners of efficient restoration services after water damage. Please get in touch with us at (423) 318-6733.

Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown Happens Fast with SERVPRO

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heavy smoke and soot damage on wall Smoke residues deposited in fire-damaged homes in Morristown can be wet or dry, and SERVPRO can clean them all!

How Does SERVPRO Handle Soot Residues During Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown? 

Once the smoke settles on the various surfaces, it is often referred to as soot. How SERVPRO techs handle the soot during fire damage restoration of your Morristown home depends on several factors.

Characteristics of the soot particles such as the pH, nature, and physical appearance dictate the strategies that SERVPRO techs employ during fire damage restoration of your Morristown home. Based on some of these properties, the techs categorize the soot into the following four types:

  • Dry smoke residue
  • Wet smoke residue
  • Protein smoke residue
  • Fuel oil smoke residue

What Makes Residue Left After Smoke Damage to your Morristown Home Wet or Dry?  

Smoke residues deposited in fire-damaged homes in Morristown can be wet or dry. While SERVPRO techs have expertise in cleaning any smoke residue, the wet residues are more challenging to remove than the dry ones.

Whether a residue formed after a fire incident is wet or dry is determined by several variables, such as the amount of oxygen available, the rate of combustion, and the chemical composition of the material. Fast-burning, oxygen-rich fires tend to produce dry smoke, while slow-burning fires that are deprived of oxygen tend to make wet smoke. Furthermore, natural materials like wood, cotton, and paper have dry residues, while synthetic materials such as plastic and polymers produce wet residues.

How are Dry and Wet Residues Cleaned?

SERVPRO techs use less aggressive cleaning methods such as scrubbing with a sponge to clean dry residues. However, the wet residues warrant a more intensive cleaning method involving cleaning solutions and products. 

Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 with any questions regarding fire damage restoration.  

Need Assistance with Flood Removal in Whitestown? Call SERVPRO

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SERVPRO truck on street When you see our Green Fleet around town, you can rest assured that SERVPRO ready to restore you storm damage.

How do SERVPRO Techs Extract Water During Flood Removal in Whitestown Homes?  

Extraction is a critical step during flood removal in Whitestown homes. The more SERVPRO techs remove excess water with extraction equipment, the less time they need to evaporate and dehumidify.  

SERVPRO techs use several extraction tools during flood removal in your Whitestown homes, including the following:

  • Extraction units
  • Submersible pumps
  • Light wands
  • Deep extraction tools

While some of these tools are small and portable, others can be rather bulky. The SERVPRO techs carefully weigh in factors like the amount of water to be removed, the type of the building, and the solid content before deciding which equipment to use.

Extraction Units That SERVPRO Uses During Flood Restoration of Whitestown Homes 

Extraction units or extractors are equipment that uses suction to remove standing water from your flooded Whitestown home. Most extractors that SERVPRO techs use are either portable or large truck-mounted units.  

While a portable extractor is highly flexible, and the techs can take it to almost any area of the affected building, they do need electricity to operate. Hence, if the flood has knocked the power out, SERVPRO techs might not be able to use these extractors.

Truck-mounted extractors are significantly more powerful, and they don't need electricity as they run off the vehicle's fuel. However, they can be challenging to use in a multi-level structure, and they tend to be very loud. That said, they are the equipment of choice when handling large quantities of floodwater. SERVPRO techs also use centrifugal pumps such as self-priming trash pumps and submersible pumps in some situations.  

If you need assistance with flood water removal from your property, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. 

How Water Restoration Companies in Whitestown Help Homeowners

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a broken copper pipe that is leaking water Water damage is a situation that can quickly escalate. Contact our certified SERVPRO team 24/7 to restore the emergency situation in your home.

SERVPRO is Among the Premier Water Restoration Companies in Whitestown

Leaking pipes can leave your home with water damage. After such an incident, it is critical to act fast to prevent additional destruction. With the assistance of a water restoration firm like SERVPRO, you can restore your residence to normal.

We are one of the leading water restoration companies in Whitestown. We can properly assess the situation and deal with water damage of any size or scope. We can use moisture meters to detect hidden water in floors, walls, and ceilings. We can also use moisture sensors to detect moisture in carpeting and padding. Moisture sensors have sharp probes that penetrate through carpeting and padding, and they allow restorers to determine how far the water has migrated. The sensor offers an audible and visual alarm when moisture is present. Our SERVPRO technicians can take several steps to restore your home, including:

  • Water removal
  • Removing damaged materials
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Performing necessary structural repairs

Extraction is a vital step in eliminating moisture from a building. The more excess water our SERVPRO team removes using extraction equipment, the less time we spend evaporating and dehumidifying the remaining water with drying equipment. We can use different extraction tools to eliminate water from flooring, including light wands, extraction units, submersible pumps, and deep extraction tools.

After water damage, structural items such as subfloors and walls may require cleaning. We can use the appropriate cleaning method to clean restorable materials. We use professional products according to the instructions on the label. 

Drying a home properly is also essential. Our SERVPRO team can use air moving equipment to enhance evaporation at the surface level and minimize drying time. The air that touches a saturated material like carpeting has high humidity. Air movers work by introducing airflow at the surface level and replacing highly saturated air with drier air to expedite evaporation. Our team also uses dehumidification equipment to eliminate water vapor from the air.

Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County to make an appointment for water damage repair services. Our helpline is (423) 318-6733.

Why Homeowners Should Hire Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown

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mold growing in the corner of a room by a window Our certified SERVPRO professionals first investigate the extent of the mold damage in your home. Then they remove the mold. We are standing by 24/7.

Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown Like SERVPRO Offer Efficient Remediation Services

Mold is a type of fungi that tends to grow on many surfaces and can pose health risks to the occupants of a home. That’s why mold remediation is critical for your well-being. Mold cleanup is a task that experts handle best. SERVPRO’s mold remediation professionals know how to treat existing mold infestations and prevent future mold issues.

As one of the premier mold removal companies in Whitestown, we can restore your residence to its former state. We begin our remediation efforts by finding both hidden and visible causes of mold. We can use a borescope to look for mold damage in hard-to-reach areas without compromising the structure of the building. This device has an objective lens and the tip that forms an image of the object being viewed. It helps our restorers to look for contamination under cabinets, behind closed walls, under stairwells, and in HVAC ductwork, among other areas. Most borescopes can take video and record still images. SERVPRO’s mold cleanup services include:

  • Drying mold surfaces
  • Disinfecting ruined areas
  • Disposing of contaminated materials properly
  • Preventing future mold issues

Our SERVPRO team can clean non-porous materials like metals, glass, and plastics using disinfectants to remediate mold. However, it is essential to remove porous materials with visible mold growth. We remove active mold growth on materials like carpeting, drywall, and insulation by removing the materials themselves. We can also remediate mold by HEPA vacuuming dry surfaces to remove loose mold fragments and agitating materials if necessary. We can clean semi-porous materials by damp wiping, sanding, and wire brushing, among other abrasive methods.

Another vital aspect of mold cleanup is disposing of contaminated materials properly to prevent the release of mold spores into the air. After remediating the mold, our SERVPRO team performs activities that help prevent future mold issues, including maintaining proper air circulation, controlling humidity, and fixing water leaks.

When in need of mold remediation services, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We can make the mold infestation seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Which Firm Offers Effective Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown?

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a house on fire that has fire billowing from its windows Regardless of the room the fire started in, team SERVPRO will assess the extent of the damage and formulate a custom fire damage remediation plan.

SERVPRO is a Premier Fire Damage Repair Firm in Morristown

According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking accidents are the commonest cause of residential fires. Lighting and heating equipment are the next top causes of fires. House fires necessitate the expertise of fire restoration companies like SERVPRO.

Overlooking any step during fire damage restoration in your Morristown residence can lead to safety hazards and problems in the future. We can take several steps to restore your residence to its former state, including, but not limited to:

  • Stabilizing the home
  • Boarding up the property and applying roof tarps
  • Drying the affected areas
  • Removing soils

Stabilizing the property

Flames may compromise the structural integrity of a home. Before you begin repairs, it is necessary to know the extent of the structural damage. Our SERVPRO team can perform a precise post-fire assessment. We can repair or replace the damaged components. 


If a fire rips through a home, it can leave gaps in the siding and ruined doors and windows. We can board up openings to prevent additional damage from the elements of weather, wildlife, and potential thieves. If your roof has a hole, we can lay a tarp on it using screwed pieces of wood.

Drying your home

Water damage can occur if firefighters use water to extinguish the flames or if the fire burns plastic pipes or tanks. If the standing water in your home is two or more inches deep, our SERVPRO team can use a submersible pump with adequate volume capacity and lift capability to remove it. We can also use air filtration devices (AFDs) to filter and move air. Using an air filtration device during the drying process can help in controlling the amount of contaminants being aerosolized by air movement from drying devices.

Removing soils

Our SERVPRO technicians can use agitation to move the surfaces we are cleaning, move the cleaning solution, or both. Agitation is useful for dislodging or freeing soils. After breaking the bond between surfaces and soils, we wash away the soils.

When you need fire restoration services, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Is the Right Cleanup Approach During Water Restoration in Whitestown?

1/8/2022 (Permalink)

Call now! No matter the size of disaster to your commercial building, SERVPRO has the necessary equipment and know how for all commercial damage. Call now!

SERVPRO Focuses on the Circumstances Associated With Leak to Plan the Clean up Properly

Water intrusion can develop at your Whitestown business premises for many reasons, including plumbing or structural failures that allow water to reach unwanted areas. Cleaning up the premises is one of the crucial actions after such an incident.

The cleanup done during water restoration at your Whitestown premises requires proper planning. Otherwise, it might prove too tedious once you start or take too long, interrupting important business engagements. Involving professionals like SERVPRO is one sure way to simplify the process.

The main issue to consider when planning a cleanup exercise include:

  • Whether there is sewage contamination
  • Whether there is mold contamination
  • Whether soiling is excessive

These factors are influenced by the source of the water and exposure duration. If a burst supply pipe sparks the incident, you might be lucky to face minimal contamination and soiling. However, a leak from a disposal pipe means heavy soiling from sewage or other waste materials. When there is no soiling or contamination, cleanup can be as easy as extraction and drying wet materials. However, if there is soiling, you can benefit more from SERVPRO's resources, including specially formulated cleaning products and sophisticated cleaning equipment.

Passage of time aggravates material deterioration and soiling after water intrusion. For instance, if the leak affects fabrics and upholstery items, dyes can run, or stains can form from other aspects such as rusting metal parts. Time can pass if the leak goes unnoticed or when you delay cleanup. SERVPRO can help you expedite the response, thus limiting the deterioration. Alternatively, our crews can rely on their advanced skills to deliver better outcomes when materials have already deteriorated.

Of all the issues related to cleanup, mold development creates the greatest inconvenience since it necessitates the treatment of surfaces with antimicrobial products and removing heavily infested materials. Therefore, it requires better expertise and takes more time. 

With the assistance of SERVPRO of Hamblen County, you do not have to worry about the nitty-gritty of water restoration since we handle all the planning. Call us at (423) 318-6733. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Determines the Action Taken to Deodorize Morristown Property During Fire Damage Restoration?

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo SERVPROs IICRC certified technicians have the training and experience for all phases of fire damage restoration needed for your home.

 SERVPRO Considers the Effect Section of a House, Types and Amount of Residues Involved

Dealing with an invisible problem can bring unexpected challenges. For instance, quantifying the resources needed for removing odors after fire damage in Morristown is challenging unless you find tangible things to base it on.

Deodorization is as essential as any other aspect of fire damage restoration in your Morristown home. Without sufficient deodorization, smoke odors can linger for weeks or months, making it uncomfortable to stay indoors. SERVPRO technicians rely on experience and specialized training to assess deodorization requirements.

Some tangible factors that guide deodorization include:

  • Amount of residues left on surfaces
  • Whether the affected area is confined or open
  • The type of fire residues involved

It is easy to establish these factors even from casual observation. For instance, our SERVPRO technicians check for visible residues on surfaces. We also check whether there are openings such as windows, doors, and ventilation in the odor-filled area. Wiping surfaces with a cleaning sponge helps reveal if residues are wet or dry.

Various actions can help address the odors, including:

  • Removing structural materials 
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Applying odor counteractants

The chosen method is what determines the necessary resources. For instance, light residues require light or moderate cleaning of surfaces, sufficient ventilation, and misting for odor management products. Our SERVPRO technicians' clean materials and then use ULV foggers to deliver deodorizers. If an area is confined, sufficient ventilation and a powerful deodorization method are necessary. Our teams can use air movers to ventilate the area and run an activated oxygen unit overnight. A thorough cleanup is also essential. When wet smoke residues are involved, a radical approach such as stripping off surfaces is necessary before applying standard deodorization methods.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County considers every aspect of fire damage restoration, including deodorization, crucial. Call us at (423) 318-6733. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Types of Water Damage Can my House in Morristown Get if an Ice Dam Forms on my Roof?

12/23/2021 (Permalink)

snow and ice on roof of home Weather can play a big part in storm damage restoration services for your home. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for every size of disaster.

SERVPRO Can Help with Water Removal Services in Morristown

Wherever the temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, there is a possibility of snow flying. Snow usually doesn't cause many problems to houses, but when the snow starts to melt, the liquids could cause some issues. And, if the melting snow cannot drain off of your roof, an ice dam could form. Ice dams can cause you problems with your house since the moisture can not drain into your gutters like it is supposed to. The water will eventually find somewhere to go, and sometimes it could end up leaking into the interior of your home.

Frozen pipes and ice damming in Morristown cause several property damage cases each year. Ice dams can be especially devastating depending on how long the issues go untreated. If you ever happen to notice water leaking from your ceiling due to an ice dam, our SERVPRO technicians can provide you assistance in the following ways:

Since water will always find the path of the least resistance, it will follow gravity and head into your house if it cannot drain into the gutters. If an ice dam stays on your roof and gets left untreated, the weight from the ice could rip off your gutters. An ice dam could also loosen your shingles and cause water to get underneath them and then flow into your attic. Once moisture gets inside your attic, it can leak from your ceiling into your living area.

And, if spaces like your attic stay wet for too long, mold growth could occur. Since most attics contain exposed wood, the black mold could form across the surfaces.

If you ever notice several icicles in one area on your roof and realize an ice dam has formed, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. 

Why Homeowners Need Expert Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown

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firefighter and stairclimb photo SERVPRO cleans and restores fire damaged Morristown properties after our brave first responders have left

Professional Fire Damage Repair in Morristown Helps Bring Things Back to Normal

Being a victim of a fire is a frightening and traumatizing experience. The ferocity and speed of a fire can make you feel vulnerable and lead to significant loss of possessions and damage to your home. The damage that fires cause does not end when the flames are extinguished. You might need another place to stay after a fire. SERVPRO’s prompt fire restoration services help limit the financial and emotional struggles a fire causes.

We are ready to perform expert fire damage restoration in your Morristown residence. With our emergency response, we can stabilize your home and recover as much property as possible. Our fire restoration process includes assessing the damage, offering smoke damage cleanup, water restoration, and odor removal. Our SERVPRO team can also evaluate the visible structural destruction and contents in your home for recovery based on various factors like:

  • The effects of heat and smoke
  • Restoration costs versus replacement costs
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of value

SERVPRO’s fire restoration process is intended to handle the destruction and return a property to the condition it was in before the fire. Cleaning a building to preloss condition involves removing smoke residues from its exterior and interior surfaces. The residues often emit smoke odors. Therefore, we also deodorize the property to eliminate the malodors.

Smoke damage is the other thing that needs to be dealt with properly. If left untreated, it can cause walls to turn yellow within a few days. Our SERVPRO team can use dry or wet cleaning methods to deal with smoke damage depending on the affected materials. We test the surfaces to determine which procedure can effectively remove smoke residues from a surface or material without ruining it.

Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 for help in the aftermath of fire damage. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Is Water Damage Repair in Morristown Homes Expensive?

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front of servpro shop with sign hanging on wall Just call the number on the sign outside our SERVPRO HQ for water damage and repair service in Morristown and the surrounding areas

SERVPRO Provides Skilled Water Damage Repair in Morristown and Cost-Effective

It is critical to hire experienced restorers if your property sustains water damage.  After such an incident, you might think about performing the restoration yourself. However, self-restoration can be insufficient and can lead to secondary damage such as mold development and cupping or buckling of hardwood floors. Reliable restoration companies like SERVPRO can assist you to return your home to its previous state at a reasonable price.

Regardless of the amount of destruction, water damage repair in your Morristown home necessitates professional assistance. SERVPRO experts have access to the equipment and resources they need to repair your property in the shortest time possible. Our water repair process involves:

  • Using modern equipment to remove water effectively. Our team of technicians can use a self-priming trash pump to remove water in excess of two feet in your home.
  • Conducting water cleanup using specialized EPA registered products for decontamination
  • When drying the affected area, our SERVPRO restorers can use portable desiccant dehumidifiers to create negative air pressure.

The expense of water damage restoration is determined by a variety of factors. The cost of repair services is influenced by the amount of damage. We do strive to restore and not replace building assemblies whenever possible.

At SERVPRO, we aim to get our customers back to normal life as fast as possible. We act fast and use the right equipment to restore a water-damaged property within the shortest time possible. We remove as much water as possible before drying a property to ensure faster restoration. To guarantee the safety of your family, we deploy a team of highly experienced water restoration technicians (WRT) and cutting-edge technology.

Working fast is the best way we repair our customer's wet carpet and other household objects. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County to get your home to its preloss state. Talk to us today at (423) 318-6733. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Reasons to Hire Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown

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servpro pickup truck on the road The SERVPRO Green Fleet ensures an excellent mold remediation for Whitestown properties

Mold Removal Companies in Whitestown Like SERVPRO Offer Effective Mold Remediation Services

Mold is part of the natural environment, but it becomes an issue when it grows in homes. Many organic materials are used to construct homes, and they allow ideal conditions for mold infestation when moisture comes in contact with them. Water leaks, foundation problems, burst pipes, and condensation can cause mold development in homes. When the seepages or leaks occur, the mold spores attach themselves to organic surfaces like baseboards, drywall, and attic joist and sheathing, among other organic surfaces (usually cellulose.)

To remediate mold, it is necessary to hire the right company to ensure the safety and health of your family. SERVPRO is among the premier mold removal companies in Whitestown. Our team can safely remediate the mold to ensure that your home is safe to occupy. We can remediate mold in short order. Our SERVPRO technicians follow a systematic process to deal with mold. It may include:

  • Determining the cause of the mold and removing moisture sources
  • Infrared camera scanning
  • Cleaning non-porous materials
  • Deodorization

Determining the source of the mold is essential before beginning restoration efforts so that it does not reoccur. Our SERVPRO technicians perform a mold inspection to make the remediation process more efficient. Infrared camera scanning is an essential diagnostic process that detects water leaks in the ceiling, behind walls, or under flooring without ruining the materials.

Our SERVPRO team can also isolate the contaminated area. We can close the windows and doors between the contaminated area and the other rooms of your home. We may also mist the contaminated surfaces to suppress dust. Our technicians can then remove all the damp and mold-damaged materials and discard them in plastic bags, which are at least 6 millimeters thick. Cleaning the non-porous materials is also essential. We ensure that all affected areas are visibly free of debris and contamination before drying them thoroughly.

If you need mold remediation services, contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. We can make the mold damage seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Is Advanced Technology Needed for the Fire Damage Restoration on my Morristown Property?

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lady holding her nose because of foul odor No one wants to enter a business that smells like smoke. SERVPRO can restore your fire damage and make that odor go away!

SERVPRO Technicians Use the Best Advanced Technology for Morristown Fire Damage Restoration Services! 

Remediation services are only as good as the technology the technicians employ. For this reason, here at SERVPRO, we always aim to be ahead of the curve. Our technicians are often among the first in our field to adopt new technologies and incorporate them into our remediation services. 

When it comes to local Morristown fire damage restoration services, the technological devices we use during remediation can make or break the service. For example, the damage left behind by a blaze encompasses more than what you can physically see. Reducing and neutralizing malodors is a large part of fire restoration, and we use top-of-the-line industry-grade equipment to help ensure that you feel "Like it never even happened."

Our technicians might use thermal foggers or hydroxyl generators to remediate odors, which both neutralize particles in the air. If the fire on your commercial property was expansive, we might choose to use an ozone machine. Furthermore, when remediating physical damage you can see, such as soot, our technicians can use specialized cleaning formulas. 

Working with SERVPRO means that our technicians have more than just advanced technology at their disposal. We are available 24/7, and we can work whenever you need us, day or night. Furthermore, we can even help rebuild sections of your property if they need to be gutted. We're more than just a cleanup and restoration company. We want to be your one-stop solution. 

If you need fire damage restoration, call us now! Call (423) 318-6733 to communicate with SERVPRO of Hamblen County. We can help you fight the fire damage on your property. 

What Should I Do When Flash Flooding Causes Flood Damage in My Whitestown Home?

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heavy rain hitting roof It doesn't take long for a downpour to become a flood. SERVPRO can quickly get to your property to begin restoration.

SERVPRO Can Swiftly Remediate Storm-Based Flood Damage in Your Whitestown Home!

A heavy storm that brings flash flooding along with it could cause any homeowner distress. Many people do not realize just how fast a downpour can turn into a flood. Within an hour, you could find it impossible to drive down the road. Fortunately, you need not worry yourself sick. Help is always nearby. 

Finding professional Whitestown flood damage restoration services is easier than you might think. Here at SERVPRO, we're your neighbors, and we are always happy to lend a hand to you during your time of need. Even though there could be obstacles in our way, we can still commit to helping you when you call us during a remediation emergency. 

You might find yourself wondering how we can get to you when the roads are flooded. It is a good question and a situation with which we are very familiar. Some things we do to speed up travel times include: 

  • Looking for routes with minimal flooding 
  • Carrying chainsaws, and other power tools, in case we need to remove a fallen tree from the road
  • Taking all relevant information down during your call, so we can get straight to work when the streets do clear 

When we agree to work together, our highly skilled techs do their best to arrive at your home as soon as we can. You can feel comfortable knowing SERVPRO does everything we can to ensure the remediation in your home happens fast and that we use advanced technology to do so. 

Call today if you need flood damage restoration! Dial (423) 318-6733 to speak with SERVPRO of Hamblen County. We are available 24/7. 

What is the Best Morristown Commercial Water Restoration Company?

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commercial kitchen in use From leaking pipes to broken dishwasher water lines, commercial kitchens are a frequent location for commercial water damage.

Trust SERVPRO to Bring Excellent Water Restoration Services to Your Morristown Commercial Property! 

There are many cleanup and restoration companies out there, and many of them have excellent services. With numerous options out there, you might even find yourself hesitating to make the phone call you need because you are stalled at your first decision. While it is true that there are many choices, we want to help you make a swift choice that is good for your business; here at SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

Let's say your commercial property is a pub, and your pub is in dire need of Morristown water restoration services. The water supply line of your industrial dishwasher broke during the early morning cleanup and began to spew water across the kitchen floor. To remedy this situation, you need a fast team of experts. 

Here at SERVPRO, we use several methods to make sure we can get to you quickly. As soon as we receive your first call, our forces are already in motion, gathering everything they need to get to you. If you already have set up our SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile Plan with one of our expert technicians, even better. When it comes to your property, we can help speed things up by: 

  • Using pre-packed vehicles so that we can leave as quickly as possible 
  • Stick to the fastest route to your location according to GPS technology 
  • We are available whenever you need us, day or night

No matter when your emergency happens, our expertly trained technicians can get to you fast. Promptly cleaning up water spills can dramatically reduce the chances of microbial growth. Here at SERVPRO, we always aim to minimize remediation time safely and to leave you feeling "Like it never even happened." 

Never hesitate to call for help if you discover your business needing cleanup and restoration services. Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County by dialing (423) 318-6733. We are always ready to go as soon as you need us. 

Who Should Morristown Residents Contact for Flood Damage Repair?

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Flood water in home Flooding can quickly cause water damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

SERVPRO is a Flood Damage Restoration Expert for Morristown Residents

Natural disasters cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year in the United States. These events sometimes come with a warning from local radio stations or local governance offices, allowing residents to prepare ahead of time. Flash flooding can be particularly tough to prepare for, given the sheer volume of water as well as the reduced timespan for preparedness. SERVPRO acts as an emergency property repair team should your home fall victim to flash flooding. We operate locally to arrive quickly at the scene and begin emergency services which could significantly reduce the impact of flash flooding on your home. Our services include:

  • Pumping water out of the property
  • Sanitizing the property 
  • Inspecting the damages to building assembly or contents

Blackwater is commonly found when flood damage affects Morristown residents. Blackwater is when a water supply contains high-level contaminants and is normal when the water has appeared from outside the home, such as in a flood. Clean water emergencies are usually restricted to pipe bursts or leaks. When dealing with blackwater, professionals need to follow legally enforced rules to return home safely before inhabitants return. Sanitizing a home can involve cleaning with disinfectants but commonly also consists of removing and disposing of affected materials. 

  • A building framework is usually salvageable following a blackwater emergency and can be sand-blasted or disinfected using truck-mounted spray equipment. 
  • Pressure washing for either the exterior or interior of the house can help quickly remove dirt, sludge, and grime from affected areas of the home. 
  • It is usual for parts of the building assembly, such as plaster, to be completely removed and replaced if exposed to blackwater during a flood. 

In an emergency, it is important to use a service you can trust. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County for flood damage restoration at (423) 318-6733.

Can Water Mitigation Techniques Save Money for Whitestown Residents?

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Water leaking from ceiling SERVPRO is here to help with water damage of any level. Our technicians know all the steps to take to bring back your belongings after water strikes.

SERVPRO Water Mitigation Methods Can Reduce the Expense of a Claim in Whitestown

All water supplies contain microbes. This fact includes wastewater supply pipes, clean water drinking taps, and appliance fittings in your home. A malfunction at any part of these supply networks can lead to water intruding into the home environment, where it begins to cause damage. Water can affect your home in many ways, including through vapor damage- which is a result of heightened humidity- or liquid water. As time passes, the naturally occurring microbes in water can begin to reproduce, causing deterioration of water quality and potentially complicating the cleanup procedure. Water cleanup can help to prevent:

  • Microbial damage
  • Stagnation of water
  • Water damage to a home or structure

When we talk about water mitigation for Whitestown residents, we primarily discuss reducing damages caused by water intrusion. An example of this mitigation could be as simple as stemming the water flow through the property using a physical barrier or removing belongings from the immediately affected area. Professional mitigation can also extend to more complex solutions like silica-based dehumidifiers to capture water vapor in the indoor environment or dry out structural cavities where water may have spread. 

  • Our technicians have training in applied cavity drying techniques and assessment. 
  • We can reduce damages to electronics and the building assembly by controlling atmospheric conditions such as the dew point. 
  • Industrial drying equipment such as silica-based, desiccant dehumidifiers can be mobilized quickly to reduce losses in your home. 

It is vital to respond quickly to water intrusion in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County for water mitigation technicians at (423) 318-6733.

Can SERVPRO Restore My Fire Damaged Morristown Home?

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SERVPRO vehicle If your home is damaged in a house fire, SERVPRO of Hamblen County is here to help. Contact us for any fire restoration needs.

Morristown Properties Require Special Soot and Smoke Cleaning after a House Fire

It is common for homeowners to experience a house fire during their period of ownership. Unattended furnaces, stoves, naked flames, or electrical appliances can be the root cause of ignition, but belongings and structures often act as the fuel. When these materials combust or catch fire, they can release chemicals into an indoor environment. Most harmful chemicals such as monoxide usually pass within an hour, but waiting for an all-clear from a fire marshall before re-entering the property is essential. Most residents rely on professional services to help with:

  • Smoke damages
  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Fire damage restoration

The actions taken by a qualified fire damage restoration professional in Morristown can often mitigate long-term losses and return belongings to a pre-incident condition. One of the core methods used for removing smoke is the use of a chemical suspension. Chemical suspension involves applying an appropriate cleaning solvent and allowing enough dwell time for the smoke particles to suspend in the solvent solution. A rinsing agent can then be applied directly onto the wall surface to remove the solvent and any soiling. 

  • Cleaning smoke residues from walls can also arrest unpleasant odors that may exist after a property fire. 
  • Solvents or other suspension chemicals must be applied correctly depending on the type of smoke- categorized as wet or dry. 
  • Material construction and smoke type hold the strongest influence on whether technicians use an oil or water-based solvent. 

Fire cleaning can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County for fire damage restoration assistance at (423) 318-6733.

Can One Whitestown Water Damage Restoration Company Offer Complete Emergency Services?

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under sink drain pipe leaking Household water damage can occur from multiple sources. SERVPRO is on call 24/7 for all of your water damage restoration needs.

Water Damage in Whitestown Presents in Different Ways Why SERVPRO Comprehensive Mastery of Restoration Best Practices is So Critical

Read through testimonials and stories of Whitestown water damage, realizing restoration takes on many forms individualized to each customer’s situation. How is it possible that a single firm can manage all the permutations of water damage from the following and more:

  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks 
  • Excessive humidity 
  • Condensation
  • Sewer backup

Why Does SERVPRO Deliver Consistently High-Quality Water Damage Restoration in Whitestown? 

Our commitment to ongoing training, mentoring, and cutting-edge equipment explains why SERVPRO projects succeed. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework, completed by our managers and technicians, grounds our approach in science and research. The knowledge base provided by the IICRC prepares our team not only for the most common issues seen during water cleanup, but also for first-time encounters with unusual disaster challenges. 

Is Our Emphasis on Motivating Managers and Workers to Excel Why SERVPRO Ranks as a Water Damage Repairs Leader?

Our commitment to our workers is second only to our devotion to our customers, why SERVPRO built such an effective water damage restoration company to assist Whitestown residents. We boast of more than 100 years of water damage restoration experience among our team members, greatly benefiting the communities we serve. The eagerness of our newer technicians blossoms into the exemplary provision of water damage emergency services for our valued customers as our more experienced workers mentor each of them.

A unique combination of rigorous training in best practices, company-wide support of every technician, and leading-edge equipment is why SERVPRO of Hamblen County should be your first call for water removal services and applied structural drying. One call to (423) 318-6733 brings a wealth of know-how, compassion, and persistence to your water crisis.

What Professional Strategies Allow Morristown Fire Damage Restoration and Business as Usual to Proceed Together?

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clothing store; clothing on display Even a small fire in the stockroom can impact your store's display area. SERVPRO always has a team on standby for fast remediation.

Explore Your Options During Your Morristown Commercial Fire and Smoke Remediation with SERVPRO Experts

With thin profit margins a grim reality for many Morristown businesses, fire damage restoration can expose property owners to potential ruin if more than temporary closure is necessary. The risk of business failure after a disaster nationally nudges up between 40 and 50 percent, but partnering with a reputable fire recovery firm means careful damage mitigation and smoke remediation planning can keep the doors open.

Can You Continue Partial Provision of Goods and Services During Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown?

Do not despair after a commercial fire, especially if SERVPRO is on your restoration team. Let us take care of the nuts and bolts of fire debris and soot removal, as well as smoke and odor remediation. If your commercial fire extinguished quickly and left some spaces untouched, it might be possible to carve out an area in an affected part of your building to meet your customers’ needs. We can also help you pack out items to a secure place temporarily to conduct business remotely.

Can SERVPRO Contain the Damage to a Designated Portion of Your Commercial Space?

Because of the smoke, soot soiling, water, and general disruption after a Morristown business fire, being able to keep your business going can feel like a stretch. SERVPRO offers options that can work:

Containment of the Fire Ignition Site

If sprinkler systems and fire doors minimized the damaged area, SERVPRO enhances that effect by:

  • Containing the fire and smoke damage with 1.6 mil polypropylene barriers
  • Mitigating the spread of smoke, soot, and odors through negative pressure air scrubber technology, filtering and exhausting soot and malodors
  • Performing rapid fire fighting water removal without the need for another contractor

Scheduling Restoration Work to Meet Your Schedule

  • SERVPRO dispatches fully-stocked service vehicles round the clock, with scalable work crews to complete the tasks fast.
  • Professionalism and transparency mean we collaborate and understand your business constraints.

Let SERVPRO of Hamblen County help your business not only survive but also thrive after fire damage. Call (423) 318-6733 24/7 for prompt assistance.

How Do Morristown Flood Damage Professionals Assess and Control for Safety Hazards?

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storm clouds; lightning in clouds SERVPRO is always available to meet your storm damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Morristown Flood Restoration Experts Anticipate and Avoid Dangers to Occupants, Workers, and Your Home’s Structure

When your Morristown home suffers flood damage, a critical first step before commencing water damage remediation is a thorough safety hazard assessment. The assessment ensures immediate mitigation of flooding damage to affected structures and protects residents and technicians from harm during the project.

Why Is Safety During Flood Damage Restoration Essential?

It is not overly dramatic to realize that you and others could face injury or even death during a flooding event. Potential hazards for both the customer and SERVPRO workers include:

  • Slip, trip, and fall
  • Electrical shock or electrocution
  • Contact with hazardous substances

What Happens During a Morristown Flood Safety Assessment?

SERVPRO’s storm-related flood damage safety checklist covers at least the following:

  • Evaluating signs of trapped water -- sagging ceiling leaks, bulging walls, seeping at baseboards, or basement flooding
  • Reviewing electrical hazards, including damaged or wet cords, water-filled light fixtures, and electrical boxes
  • Locating dangerous debris or fixtures, many underwater
  • Alerting SERVPRO management if asbestos, lead, or leaching chemicals appear present
  • Scanning for mold growth 
  • Categorizing the contaminant level of water -- flood water defines as the most contaminated, or Category 3 

How does SERVPRO Control the Environment and Adapt Water Removal and Drying in Response to Hazards?

The hazard inspection helps our project managers and crew chiefs prioritize tasks. Only when the workspace is deemed safe can emergency services for water damage and flooding begin. Expect:

  • Warning signage or blocking off slick floors and spaces where structures seem vulnerable to collapse
  • Controlled demolition to release trapped water -- punching or drilling holes preventing sudden collapse, and flood cuts to expose wet building cavities for water removal, cleaning, disinfection, and drying
  • Covering hazards like carpeting tack strips to prevent puncture wounds
  • Physical containment of work areas with 1.6 mil polyethylene and negative pressure air scrubbers
  • Specially certified workers to manage biohazards like lead, asbestos, and sewage lawfully
  • Wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) by SERVPRO crews

Safety hazard preparations are vital to successful flood damage restoration. Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County (423) 318-6733 to learn how we can help.

What Equipment Helps with Property Inspections After Water Damage in Whitestown?

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orange surface moisture meter SERVPRO provides software and devices like moisture meters to detect and remove moisture after a water intrusion in Whitestown

Several devices make data collection organized and efficient to get restoration started in Whitestown as soon as possible.

The inspection process is critical for determining the best approach for restoration and recovery. Between our moisture detection tools and our data collection software, we can keep all parties working efficiently towards a satisfactory outcome.

Moisture Detection Tools and Devices

Water restoration companies in Whitestown homes use several tools and devices after a loss, and our SERVPRO professionals are no different. We have advanced tools and units to gauge water pockets in multiple scenarios, including:

  • Hygrometers
  • Thermal Imagery Cameras
  • Surface Moisture Meters
  • Probing Detection Devices

Data Organization Tools for Efficient Estimations

We have several methods of data collection and storage to keep technicians across multiple shifts knowledgeable about the objectives, milestones reached, and current drying or restoration goals. SERVPRO DryBook is one of these programs and allows several entities access to the current conditions and the production values of placed drying equipment to ensure the most efficient options are being used.

Part of our successes with customers stems from our commitment to organization and initial inspections. Gathering information before restoration begins can ensure that the appropriate recovery strategies get implemented for the most efficient results. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team works directly with you and your insurance company to get restoration started quickly. Call us at (423) 318-6733.

How Can Indoor Air Quality Be Threatened After a Morristown Structure Fire?

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three air scrubbers in room Improve the indoor air quality IAQ of your Morristown residence after a fire and smoke damaging event--Call SERVPRO

Airborne contaminants and threats abound after a fire in a Morristown residence

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the measurements of success with fire damage restoration. Harsh odors and carcinogenic particles can be a threat to those exposed. We have multiple strategies to resolve airborne threats.

What Air Quality Concerns Exist During Fire Restoration?

Fire damage restoration for Morristown homes often begins with assessing the direst circumstances. Responding team members can be overwhelmed with multiple airborne threats and contaminants. Toxins from burned plastics, soot particles from partially combusted fuels, and other threats must get trapped and removed from the house.

Are Air Scrubbers Enough to Manage the Threat?

There is no mistaking that air scrubbers with HEPA filters are among the most heavily used items when environmental cleaning is necessary. Trapping circulating particles can make the living areas safer for house occupants and responding technicians. Apart from our air scrubbers, other tools and strategies can help, including:

  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Debris Removal

Indoor air quality can be one of the most immediate concerns of responding fire restorers, as this can provide a dangerous situation for occupants of the house without appropriate action. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team has multiple filtration options we can begin quickly. Give us a call today at (423) 318-6733.

How Does Engineered Wood React to Water Damages in Morristown Homes?

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drying mat for hardwood flooring Drying mats set up by SERVPRO help preserve water damaged hardwood flooring in Morristown homes

As a highly absorbent flooring, woods can be quickly compromised by water damage in Morristown residences.

From pipe bursts to ceiling leaks, affected flooring can often bear the brunt of water damages. Our SERVPRO professionals have a fast and dedicated response to water damage incidents to begin extraction and drying as quickly as we can.

Damage to Engineered Wood Flooring

Because water damage to Morristown homes can directly impact flooring like wood planks, there is an urgency to get mitigation and water removal started as soon as possible. Prolonged exposure can warp and ruin planks in the floor, forcing reconstruction.

How Can Wood Floors Get Dried?

Wood can be a hard substance to dry without the use of specific tools and strategies. The objective for drying is to prevent tear out and replacement when possible, and this is achieved by applying drying mats placed perpendicularly to the seams of the planks. This placement ensures that a greater area of the floor gets dried at once. Tenting can maximize the continued moisture removal of these mats. Ultimately, the methods for removing trapped moisture in wood planks include:

  • Drying mats
  • Wet vacuums
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air movers

The flooring in your home is often one of the most heavily damaged elements after persistent water damage. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team can help with effective water removal and drying options to protect wood flooring when possible. Give us a call today at (423) 318-6733.

Is Mold Unavoidable in Morristown?

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mold growing by a window Regardless of where you found mold in your house, team SERVPRO can help with the remediation process. Contact us right away for services.

SERVPRO Provides Mold Remediation Services for the Morristown Community

Morristown homeowners may be at a loss when an inspection points to a mold issue. Our knee-jerk reaction may be to search the internet for a do-it-yourself solution, but attic mold, basement mold, and bathroom mold removal are complex. Entrusting the mold inspection, remediation, and removal process to a professional team can avoid future complications, especially since mold can cause health effects.

Mold remediation in Morristown is a job for our mold specialists at SERVPRO. Our staff is trained on the mold remediation process and is used to applying the latest techniques to protect our clients’ homes. A simple cleaning with store-bought products may seem easier, but it can also set the stage for a widespread mold infestation and an escalation of the issue. When you suspect a problem and call us 24/7, you invite our team’s knowledge and expertise into your home.

Mold Remediation Steps

Each situation is unique, and our SERVPRO crew acts accordingly. At its core, however, every successful mold removal process includes the following-

  • Containment- using physical barriers and designated decontamination areas, our team prevents cross-contamination throughout your home.  
  • Removal- this includes both removing mold from surfaces and discarding items that pose a danger to your household, typically porous materials. Cleaning with specialized equipment, including HEPA vacuums and negative air machines, aids this step.
  • Drying- air movers and other tools used to dry the air and contents of your home help create a hostile environment for mold growth.

Whether you spot a sizable mold problem or just the beginning of one, SERVPRO of Hamblen County is at your service. Call us at (423) 318-6733, and let us leave your home in mint condition.

Where to Find Water Damage Repair Services for Businesses in Whitestown?

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

water leaking from ceiling tiles Excess water leaking from your drop ceiling is a problem for any business. Contact SERVPRO to investigate the cause and remediate the damage.

Business Owners in Whitestown can Count on SERVPRO for the Toughest Water Damage Situations.

Water events in commercial settings in Whitestown can be devastating to the bottom line and the business’ clientele. Acting quickly after the ceiling leaks or a pipe bursts is the first line of defense for any business owner. Having a team available around the clock to provide emergency services after water damage is priceless.

In Whitestown, water damage repair is possible thanks to SERVPRO and our reputable team of experts.

We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to clean up and restore spaces after the most dramatic water leaks and, including cleaning up after a sewer backup. Our goal, like yours, is to minimize the time and resources spent in performing water damage repairs, so we can quickly restore normal business operations.

Key Elements to Drying and Water Removal Services

Not surprisingly, water damage remediation includes removing excess water and humidity. Our SERVPRO staff has the equipment and techniques necessary to leverage the most efficient methods of water removal. The key factors affecting the process include-

  • Temperature- understanding the optimal temperatures at which drying occurs is crucial in our action plan tailored to your needs. Excess heat can encourage higher humidity levels and cause more damage.
  • Amount of water- liquid is easier to extract than gas, which is why the more we can remove with pumps and other similar equipment, the quicker we can return your place to normal.
  • Air movement- removing damp air from the damaged space and replacing it with dry air with air movers and other specialized equipment helps speed up the drying process.

Protect your business by letting our team at SERVPRO of Hamblen County join your team in a time of emergency. Call us at (423) 318-6733 and let us help you live up to your clients’ expectations.

Storm Season Causes Flood Damage to Morristown Homes

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a flooded house with rain clouds above it Storm season can often leave your home flooded. Contact our experienced SERVPRO team to come out to the scene and investigate.

Call SERVPRO in Morristown for Flood Cleaning Services

Morristown property owners can be proactive during the storm season by loading supplies and keeping drains free of leaves and debris. However, rain can cause significant damage and allow stormwater in your home despite your best efforts. To restore your home and minimize your loss, reach out to a professional water restoration service.

SERVPRO is your ally in Morristown when flood damage occurs in your home. Our certified staff is ready to handle your emergency water damage, whether you find a leaking roof from storms or basement flooding. In contrast to homeowners who try to perform water cleanup on their own, you mitigate your loss when you reach out to a team with the proper techniques and equipment. From water removal services to sewage cleanup, we are ready to treat your home like our own.

Among the toughest challenges tied to water damage remediation is extracting water full of debris and bacteria while treating your home to avoid future complications. Our water damage restoration process includes removing porous surfaces such as carpets and upholstery that may become a breeding ground for mold, which can cause health effects. It also involves the application of anti-microbial solutions through techniques designed to reach every corner of your home.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County is at your service when disaster strikes. Call us at (423) 318-6733 and trust us to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Morristown Kitchen Fire Damage Can Involve Many Types of Smoke

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Fire damage in kitchen Call SERVPRO after you experience a fire incident, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

Our Morristown Fire Damage Strategy May Depend on What Was in the Oven

There are many different types of fires that can happen in a home, and each produces a unique kind of Smoke Damage. SERVPRO technicians must learn to identify different varieties of smoke to treat the affected house.

One of the most common sources of fire damage in Morristown is the kitchen. Kitchen fires can start from different appliances and food sources, generating various types of smoke in the process. Smoke remediation strategies center around four broad categories:

  • Dry smoke residues
  • Wet smoke residues
  • Protein residues
  • Fuel oil soot

We can classify most fires as mostly dry or mostly wet. Dry smoke residues are often easier to remove because they do not penetrate materials as well as wet smoke residues. Wet smoke residues, by contrast, often require more intensive thermal fogging techniques to eliminate odors.

One of the most challenging fire and smoke damage types that a SERVPRO technician may encounter is a protein residue fire. These fires result from burned meat, fish, and poultry. Odors from protein fires can be very difficult to remove and may permeate the entire home, requiring large-scale fogging efforts and repeated intensive scrubbing to combat. SERVPRO technicians can use hydroxyl generators and HEPA filtered air scrubbers as initial treatments for clean air quality restoration.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County stays ready 24/7 to respond to local house fire damages. Call us at (423) 318-6733 for fast support.

Moisture Detection Tools Aid Morristown Water Damage Repair Efforts

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Moisture meter SERVPRO technicians know all the steps to take after water damage strikes in your home.

These High-tech Devices Help us Target our Morristown Water Damage Repairs

Part of our water damage remediation work involves detecting moisture in places that may not seem obvious at first glance. You may find a wet patch of carpet with ease, but can you point out where the subfloor underneath has been damaged, too?

Without detection equipment, our water damage repair work in Morristown would be much less effective. Some of the most problematic issues arise from hard-to-detect water sources. SERVPRO technicians train to look for:

  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Moisture underneath flooring materials
  • Water content behind walls and cabinets
  • Signs of basement flooding

To detect these hidden water sources, SERVPRO technicians use several highly sensitive devices. One of the most common is the thermo-hygrometer, which can measure both temperature and relative humidity. When compared between areas, we can identify regions of the house with atypical moisture levels.

Another crucial tool we use is the moisture meter. A moisture meter can be either penetrating or non-penetrating, depending on the material and type of damage we suspect. Both types operate by using electrical circuits. When applied to most dry surfaces, such as wood or tile, there would be no current through the material. However, when water is present, electricity conducts between the two sensors of the device. Thus, the SERVPRO technician knows whether or not this material has any moisture in it.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County responds 24/7 to developing water damage situations. Call us at (423) 318-6733.

SERVPRO Trains Hard to Handle Whitestown Mold Remediation

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SERVPRO logo Call Now Call on SERVPRO's mold remediation specialists as soon as you spot mold in your home.

Years of Experience Help our Technicians Stay Safe During Mold Remediation in Whitestown

Taking care of a mold infestation can require technologically advanced equipment, precise application techniques, and strict safety measures. SERVPRO technicians receive intensive training to ensure their ability to tackle any mold issue.

When you call us for help with mold remediation in Whitestown, you reach a team of professionals trained and educated to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards, the foremost authority in mold cleaning and safety standards. Our veteran mold specialists have experience with:

  • Black mold
  • Attic Mold Removal
  • Basement mold remediation
  • Mold growth behind walls and between floors

Our primary concern with any mold remediation project is to ensure the health and safety of the building occupants. Some mold can cause health effects, so caution and protective equipment are critical in the early stages of a project. SERVPRO technicians use full-body protective equipment and respiration systems, and industrial tools such as HEPA filters to stay safe even during prolonged projects. Training also plays into safety. For example, when removing contaminated drywall, SERVPRO technicians strategically place negative air machines to capture airborne spores. This method simultaneously contains the spread of mold and fosters a safe environment. Without the right tools and training, household mold can cause health effects.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County has years of experience helping local homeowners with mold remediation projects. Contact us at (423) 318-6733.

Whom Should Commercial Property Owners Contact to Perform Water Damage Remediation in Morristown?

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Burst main water line Commercial building damage by water is a job for SERVPRO. Our IICRC certified techs are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

They should Contact a Certified Restorer Like SERVPRO to Perform Commercial Water Damage Restoration in their Morristown Properties. 

It is not advisable to ignore any water leak in a commercial property such as a factory because it can lead to secondary damage. For instance, mold growth can occur and cause health effects to the people who work in the building. Odors can also linger on the property. You can avoid these issues by contacting experienced restorers like SERVPRO to perform water damage restoration.

SERVPRO's technicians have experience in offering water damage restoration services in Morristown. There is never a convenient time for water damage to strike a factory. Water can ruin your products and building. Each hour spent cleaning up the affected area is an hour of lost productivity and revenue. Our team can mitigate the damage and manage the restoration process from the beginning to the end. We can help you solve water loss incidents caused by:


  • A trusted leader in the restoration industry.
  • Open around the clock.
  • An established company with a highly trained team of restorers.

How SERVPRO restorers dry the affected property 

No matter the magnitude of the water intrusion, SERVPRO's restorers can conduct water damage repairs and ensure that your property is safe to work in. We are well equipped with innovative technology that helps us meet our customers' needs. After removing the standing water, we can use heavy-duty venting fans to dry and deodorize the commercial building. The equipment moves larger volumes of dry air from outside into the property to increase the evaporation rate.

Do not let water damage in your commercial building affect your revenue. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 for fast and professional water restoration. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

How Can Homeowners Restore Properties After Storm Flood Damage in Whitestown

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storm damaged home SERVPRO storm remediation is second to none. Call now for the help you need.

It is Necessary to Hire a Biohazard Cleaning Company to Handle Storm Flood Damage in Whitestown

Spring weather can include a wide range of weather activities like severe storms and powerful winds that can ruin your home. It may also have heavy rainfall that causes over-the-ground flooding. When the storm is over, you need assistance from an established flood restoration firm like SERVPRO. 

We can help you deal with the storm flood damage in your Whitestown home. Our team is experienced in storm damage restoration and can go the extra mile to deliver outstanding services that include: 

  • Emergency services – You can reach SERVPRO at any time of the day or night. Our certified experts are ready to offer flood damage restoration services whenever you need them.
  • Water removal – We can use powerful pumps to get the floodwater out of your property.
  • Drying – Our team can use efficient air moving and dehumidifying equipment to dry the affected areas.
  • Bacteria containment – We can deep clean affected surfaces using antimicrobial solutions to ensure that your living space is healthy and safe.
  • Deodorization – We can use several deodorization products to eliminate odors in your home. 
  • Biohazard remediation – Floodwater usually contains microorganisms. Our SERVPRO team can use disinfectants, which effectively control fungal or bacterial spores to treat the affected areas. 
  • Sewage cleanup – Floodwater might contain sewage. Our team has specialized equipment and training that enables us to eliminate contaminants like sewage. 

Our SERVPRO team can also provide you with full restoration services. We are experienced in providing comprehensive restoration support, including rebuilding the affected areas. 

If you are facing flooding problems following a storm, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 for effective flood restoration. Our experienced restorers can make the flood damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

Where Can Homeowners Get Prompt Assistance With Fire Restoration in Morristown?

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fire Fire damage done to your home is no easy task. Call SERVPRO for the fire mitigation services needed for your home.

SERVPRO Offers Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Morristown

Located in Tennessee’s northeast corner, Morristown is a city in Hamblen County, United States, and serves as its county seat. The city extends to the west and southern ends of Jefferson County. According to the United States Census of 2010, the city had a population of 29,137. In 2019, census experts estimated that the city’s population had increased to 30,193.

Morristown is at the center of eight counties and serves as the regional backbone for employment, shopping, educational opportunities, recreation, and healthcare. The community in Morristown developed from an agricultural-based economy to a manufacturing economy. The city produces a wide range of products, including automotive parts, plastic-made items, and frozen cakes, among many others.

Arts and culture in Morristown

The city hosts a number of annual events and festivals. The most notable events include:

  • Mountain Makins Festival: This award-wining festival raises funds to support the preservation of Rose School. The school offers Arts Education to residents of the five counties and preserves the Appalachian history and culture for generations to come.
  • Morristown Strawberry Festival: The event is a celebration to feature the strawberry harvest and promote the community. The free, family-oriented event also brings together several non-profit organizations and churches to raise funds.
  • Morristown Craft Beer Festival: Held every September at the Morristown Farmers Market, the event brings the community together to enjoy live music, a wide range of crafted beers, a corn hole tournament, and food. 

The City’s Parks and Recreation areas

Panther Creek State Park

Located on the shores of Lake Cherokee, the facility covers a total area of 1,444 acres. It offers access to an on-site playground and various recreational activities such as hiking, disc golf, fishing, horseback riding, boating, and birding.

Cherokee Lake

Popularly known as Cherokee Reservoir, the artificial reservoir is the result of the impoundment of the Holston River. The lake is a popular destination for tourists. Public boating, lakefront resorts, tent, and RV campgrounds, as well as a state wildlife management area, attract visitors for recreational use like paddling, boating, and swimming activities.

Cherokee Park Disc

The facility offers walking trails to visitors, a par-62 disc golf course, three playground areas, volleyball courts, a campground, and a boat ramp.

How SERVPRO technicians handle fire restoration in Morristown Properties

SERVPRO’s team of restorers understands that secondary fire and smoke damage can spread within a brief period. We respond to our customers’ emergency calls within the shortest time possible. Our IICRC certified technicians can determine the extent of the fire damage and come up with the ideal fire restoration plan. 

How SERVPRO restorers clean salvageable items

It is vital to begin fire restoration in your Morristown home quickly because this lowers the chances of severe fire and smoke damage occurring. Before cleaning the affected area, our SERVPRO team removes items affected by fire and separates salvageable valuables from those damaged beyond repair. We have expertise in offering the following services in fire-damaged homes:

  • House fire clean up
  • Smoke remediation
  • Water & fire damage restorations

We use safe, unique, but approved techniques as well as products to clean the affected surfaces. We may use an ultrasonic cleaner that uses sound waves to clean some of your valuables. During the fire restoration process, our SERVPRO technicians can also repaint structural surfaces and refinish wood contents.

Fire damage can be devastating and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 for professional fire and smoke damage repair to make it “Like it never even happened.”

What are the Effects of Vapor Damage?

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condensation on window; damage on frame showing Excess condensation can damage your home. Check your residence often for signs of excess humidity.

Water Intrusion Frequently Impacts Humidity and Can Cause Vapor Damage in your Morristown Home. Use SERVPRO for Expert Assistance

Water can affect a property in different ways. Liquid water may be the first damaging effect of water intrusion that comes to mind. However, water vapor can frequently be just as harmful as liquid water. High humidity levels can cause mold growth, cracking of interior walls, and slow down drying times in your home.

When conducting water restoration in your Morristown home, we keep a close eye on indoor humidity. Humidity is measurable in grains per pound (GPP) and relative humidity. Thermal hygrometers measure relative humidity and provide SERVPRO technicians with real-time data on vapor pressure and dew points. When water vapor reaches a dew point, it condensates, becoming particularly damaging if water condensates in wall cavities, electrical devices, or appliances. Picture it raining inside your house!

  • Technicians use hygrometers to measure the exhausted air from dehumidifiers. These instruments inform us of each unit's effectiveness.
  • Maintaining a dew point is reliant on portable heating equipment or heated airflow from an air-mover.
  • We can also use hygrometers to compare vapor pressure in affected and unaffected homes, which helps restore natural humidity and establish containment areas.

Water vapor can cause extensive problems in indoor environments. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County for water restoration at (423) 318-6733.

What is Effective Containment in Mold Removal?

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heavy mold on walls and ceiling Mold can quickly proliferate in 48 hours. SERVPRO has the cleaners and protective gear to remove the mold.

Mold Spores Can Travel Through your Whitestown Home Quickly. SERVPRO Can Set-up Effective Containment of an Infestation

Removing mold from your property frequently involves high-level agitation and aggressive action. Whether sanding down semi-porous materials to remove colonies or performing controlled demolition of infested drywall, it is essential to capture airborne mold spores that may release.

Containment is vital to mold damage remediation in your Whitestown home. One way of capturing airborne spores and preventing them from reaching unaffected areas of the house, is to use negative air pressure. Setting up negative air pressure relies on a Manometer tool that measures pressure and gas in an environment. Manometers allow SERVPRO technicians to monitor the effectiveness of negative air pressure in each space.

  • Comparing unaffected areas with areas where negative air pressure is applied is called a pressure differential.
  • According to remediation protocol, we must always maintain a pressure differential of -0.2 inches of mercury to prevent spores from spreading.
  • Manometers provide real-time alerts when pressure differentials drop below the required standard.

With these measuring devices, we can regulate air scrubbers' output pressure, which port filtered air to the exterior. This negative pressure can be beneficial in clearing the air of spores and particles.

Containment is a core mitigative procedure when removing mold. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County for mold damage remediation at (423) 318-6733.

Water Removal in Morristown for Residences with Thick Fiber Carpets

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Couple Using Bucket For Collecting Water Leakage From Ceiling And Talking On Cellphone When you need help removing water damage from your home, Contact SERVPRO.

Water Removal in Morristown

Water emergencies can strike at any time. You may be at work, away for the weekend, or in the house when an emergency happens, but the result is usually the same. When water enters dry areas of the home, it is immediately absorbed into porous materials and migrates away from the source. You may want to consider moving furniture away from the vicinity to limit immediate losses. Some parts of your home may be tough to move, such as carpets or heavy furniture items. For these areas, it can be beneficial to rely on a qualified restorer. 

The need for water removal services in Morristown can vary from resident to resident. Sometimes large volumes of standing water need extraction quickly. At other times, small quantities of water may become absorbed into carpets and work their way downward, affecting the subfloor pad before eventually saturating the subfloor. The extent of damage depends on the amount of time and the materials in your flooring. These variables also influence the type of procedure SERVPRO restorers adopt. 

Thick carpets can be a real issue when coming into contact with water. With large porous fibers, they can take on significant amounts of moisture, which is tough to extract using standard drying equipment. At SERVPRO, we have access to various water extraction devices. Generally, they use a centrifugal motor to create a powerful vacuum that transports water from your home through a duct and releases it into a storage tank. 

Properties fitted with thick carpets need a select type of extraction tool. Self-propelled extraction tools use a motor to move automatically across the rug. These weighted devices can compress your carpet's fibers to squeeze the moisture out. Technically, they work similarly to squeezing or wringing a wet cloth. SERVPRO technicians can provide additional weight by standing on top of the extractor. This method can be particularly beneficial when subtracting moisture from both carpet and pad. 

Every home is different. We tailor our water damage restoration services to get your property back to its preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. 

Emergency Services for Your Morristown Restaurant After a Fire

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Chefs preparing food in a flaming pan in a restaurant kitchen. Sometimes flames are good when cooking. However, when they cause fire damage, SERVPRO is ready to help.

SERVPRO Can Help with Fire Damage Restoration

In the food and beverage industry, any disaster could dramatically affect the customers you serve in your Morristown restaurant. As expected, the occasional kitchen fire might be for your staff to manage; more widespread disasters can have more severe effects that envelop the dining area. Knowing how to address these concerns quickly can ensure that the break from serving customers is a short one.  

Understanding the necessary cleaning and recovery of fire damage to Morristown restaurants begins with learning how the fire originated and what materials were burned during its migration from one space to another. Threats like soot and other airborne contaminants can become amplified with the combustion of woods, plastics, and other fuels. The property conditions get assessed when our SERVPRO professionals arrive to begin necessary emergency services.

Debris Removal 

One of the most important steps that our professionals can take when we reach your fire-damaged property is to begin debris removal. Charred remnants and ash left on the flooring after a structure fire can become a catalyst for noxious odors and other threats. An effective removal limits these migrating conditions, which can better protect spaces like the dining area from requiring even more intricate restoration to be habitable again.


Much like you need to remove the odors present in the food preparation area, smoke and its scent can travel out from this combustion point. When it reaches areas like the dining hall, carpeting, wood furniture, tablecloths, and other porous materials are susceptible to these odors becoming trapped as the heat dies down, and the higher smoke concentrations dissipate in the air.


Protecting your investments often means more than just securing firefighting teams and restoration after that. Our SERVPRO technicians take steps to protect what matters most to your business by removing contents and furniture that could become irreparably damaged by migrating effects. Furniture and fabrics are among the most popular choices, as they can also benefit from the use of an ozone chamber deodorization in our nearby facility.

You might not ever wholly avoid the possibilities of fire damages, but you can choose whom you trust to get your doors back open quickly. Give our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team a call today (423) 318-6733.

How Does Fire Can Cause Smoke Soiling and Indoor Air Issues?

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heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Smoke from this fire will travel throughout your home. Do you know how to remove smoke odors? SERVPRO does!

SERVPRO Understand How a House Fire Can Put Long-term Stress on your Morristown Home

Along the sides of the Cherokee Reservoir is Morristown. The small city connects with nearby Jefferson County on both the West and South but retains its position as the Morristown metropolitan area. The region is home to early-modern national hero Davy Crockett who worked as a soldier, frontiersman, and US politician during the early formation of the United States in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of the earliest records of commerce in the area is a tavern that was first opened by Davy Crockett in 1794 and is currently the Crockett Tavern Museum's home, which sits on the same site.

Morristown was a key battleground during the American Civil War, with a divided populace aligning with either Unionists or secessionists. For much of the war, Morristown was a temporary base of operations for the Confederate army. However, in 1864 the 'battle of Morristown' was won by unionists forcing the Confederates back onto the Watauga River. Morristown was again at the heart of civil unrest in the twentieth century during the American Enka and Labor movement in 1950 when a strike led to a call-in of the national guard. By 1959, an 'industrial development initiative' grew the infrastructure and economy of Morristown into today's city.

  • Panther Creek is part of Tennessee State Park upkeep and sits along the Cherokee reservoir. The vast natural expanse features camping grounds, picnic facilities, and washrooms. There are several beginners and intermediate hikes available that lead up to the nearby reservoir.
  • College Square Mall, located on East Morris Boulevard, is an example of recent urban redevelopment that has sought to revitalize the region. The large mall features fifty unique shops as well as dining areas and entertainment.
  • Crockett Tavern Museum on Morningside Drive is a faithful recreation of the home lived in by local hero Davy Crockett. Despite its relatively small size, the local history tours and surrounding grounds are well worth the visit.

SERVPRO Conducts Expert Fire Damage Restoration for Morristown Residents

When materials in your home catch fire, they release unpleasant smoke and odor into the property. Unfortunately, smoke can travel quickly through the home even when the fire is localized and contained in one room. SERVPRO has the expertise and equipment to help you overcome a fire issue.

One of the pieces of equipment we use in fire damage restoration for Morristown residents is air-filtration devices. Smoke can adversely affect indoor air quality. Using an air filtration device (AFD), technicians can filter out potential carcinogens, dust, soot, smoke, and odor particles during a restoration.

  • AFD equipment incorporates high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) technology.
  • HEPA uses three layers of filters to remove even microscopic particles from indoor air.
  • H14 equipment that is common on HEPA filters is considered medical-grade air purification.

Return your indoor air quality to its normal state. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County for fire damage restoration at (423) 318-6733.

Prepare for Rainy Season with Ground Water Removal Services here in Whitestown

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Street covered in flood waters near a white siding home When groundwater begins to rise and causes damage to your property, SERVPRO is Here to Help.

Groundwater Removal Whitestown

Periods of heavy rainfall can raise the water levels in your area. Cities built within lower ground-levels form a geological basin for these rising water levels to fill. We refer to the process as groundwater flooding, and it usually affects basements and crawl spaces but can also cause significant damages to ground level rooms. Often, the sheer volume of water makes it near impossible for homeowners to clear themselves. Also, groundwaters are considered blackwater emergencies due to their high propensity for contamination. 

Locally operated groundwater removal firms in Whitestown are on red alert during the year's wetter periods. Our rapid response teams can arrive quickly at your property and begin the process of removing high-volume standing water. As a homeowner, you can start mitigation by removing contents from your home's ground-levels. This process can save some possessions, although areas with heavy flooding should be avoided. 

The process of removing groundwater flooding begins using pumps. This high-powered and fully-submersible equipment can draw gallons of moisture out of your property every hour. Our machines are fully water-proof and agile enough to enter challenging to reach areas like crawlspaces. SERVPRO technicians are trained to think on their feet. In situations where spaces are too small for pumping equipment, we can attach smaller hoses onto existing equipment to access them. 

Disinfecting the area is essential in dealing with groundwater removal. Human pathogens can be present in black water or flood-related issues, so killing bacteria and other microbes is essential. Solid waste can be shoveled into double sealed bags and taken to an appropriate waste disposal facility. During service, SERVPRO technicians may section off or create physical barriers to prevent the spread of floodwaters and cross-contamination. 

Property floods are among the most challenging aspects of homeownership. SERVPRO works with third parties and customers to ensure a minimum inconvenience caused during service. At the end of the restoration, we can handover claim details to your insurance provider for a stress-free claim. 

Preparation is everything when it comes to groundwater flood issues. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733.

Repairing Upholstery and Furniture after Fire Damage in Morristown

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burning fire flame on black background When a fire damages your home, Count on SERVPRO to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown

Just as hot soots and ash rise during a fire, they sink once the temperature and pressure levels have returned to normal. You may find that your property shows the most severe signs of soiling on the ceiling. However, as time passes, loose soots may drop onto the upholstery below. If water is used in the firefighting effort, then wet upholstery can quickly absorb or bond with soot particles. These can be challenging for even a qualified restoration technician as there are many factors, including dyes, staining, water-marking, and shrinkage, to take into account. Furthermore, some cleaning solutions may damage if applied to the wrong upholstery. 

Your home can require fire damage restoration in Morristown, regardless of how big or small the incident. SERVPRO provides local fire and smoke damage restoration technicians (FRST) to help remove soiling and protect your contents during the cleaning process. We always conduct a pre-test of the materials used in furnishings, upholstery, and the soiling on these items before starting work. Doing a pre-test allows us to create a tailored gameplan to restore your home and contents. 

Upholstery cleaning can take place on any furniture that can handle wet-cleaning without further damage. We generally place these items onto a drop-cloth to prevent the cleaning solution from coming into contact with other areas of the home. To prep your furniture, we apply a velvet epilator to the furniture's surface and carry out light vacuuming. At the bare stage, brushing upholstery can help loosen soils, while light vacuuming can remove them. 

Washing upholstery is a three-step procedure covering washing, rinsing, and drying. SERVPRO can begin by applying a shampoo solution to the furniture cleaning cushions before moving onto the area. Using an upholstery tool, we can then rinse the fabric before returning to the furniture's legs, front, and back. We can then brush the surface again to increase drying times and, in some cases, apply a dry powder emulsifier to complete the job.

We are experts at restoring, not replacing furniture. Contact SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733. 

Some Advantages of Working With an Experienced Water Damage Remediation Company in Morristown

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A tan and brown house sinking in blue waves When your home is facing water damage, you may feel like it’s floating away. Contact SERVPRO for water removal efforts.

The Pros and Cons of Extractor Trucks for Morristown Homes

Having the right extraction tools for substantial water loss incidents affecting Morristown homes is a vital service to offer customers. Choosing professional restoration for many homeowners is already a difficult choice, but with the right tools and equipment from the beginning of a recovery effort, it can prove to be an efficient and cost-effective decision.

Our SERVPRO team has many tiers of extraction equipment to make water removal for Morristown properties as fast as possible. While in many situations, the best solution is the electric portable submersible pumps and light wands, we also have much stronger vacuum units affixed to tank trucks. The truck-mount pumps are the strongest extraction machines available to our team, and there are advantages and disadvantages to its use for your household.

Extractor trucks can pull standing water out of the house at a rate of 300 psi, which can ultimately remove thousands of gallons an hour under the right conditions. One of the advantages of choosing this approach happens when you are contending with more than a few inches of pooling water in the house. You have the option of continually drawing out a high volume of water when the truck has been hooked up to discharge directly into a sanitary sewer system and not hold the water in the tank.

When there is no available location in the vicinity to discharge the water directly, this is where truck-mount pumps can begin to showcase their disadvantages. Apart from being loud units, which can be problematic for residential use in the first place, stopping to regularly unload the tank throughout the extraction process is wasted time. Other pumps can do a more efficient job, even with a lower power level. These are considerations our SERVPRO project manager must make when initially scoping the work to get done.

There are many pros and cons to the use of extractor trucks in our Green Fleet, and that is why it is still a commonly used pump when the circumstances are right. Whenever you are facing the damaging effects of a substantial water loss incident, you can count on the experience and equipment of our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us anytime at (423) 318-6733.

Weighted Extraction Units for Saturated Morristown Flooring

3/2/2021 (Permalink)

living room with tan carpet half covered in water SERVPRO has the tools to remove water damage from your home's carpet.

Types of Water Extraction Tools

Choosing professional restoration for your damaged Morristown home might not always be the easiest decision, despite our extensive inventory of recovery tools and years of expertise. For water damage, many homeowners mistakenly believe that the damage is only as bad as they can see and neglect moisture and dampness in the padding and subflooring beneath carpets. These materials can become a breeding ground for microbial threats. 

One way our restoration team gets set apart from other options in the area is the tools we have for tasks like water removal in Morristown homes. Our professionals arrive with several weighted extraction units for carpeted floors to remove moisture from both the carpet material and the padding below. Choosing among the types available depends on the area needing attention and sometimes even the saturation level of these materials. 

There are two main types of deep extraction tools available to get attached to wet vacuums and extraction units. 

Self-Propelled Extraction Tools 

These units are among the most advanced in weighted extractors as they feature an independent motor that can move the unit throughout the damaged area at a consistent rate. These units pass over carpeted areas and squeeze the padding and carpet together to force moisture to the surface because of their weight. These machines have an intake hose to move the surfaced moisture to the extraction unit for disposal.

Stationary Units

These vary in sizes up to 200 square inches. Like the motorized options, these pads feature an intake hose to move displaced water through the extractor and the drainage point. While these units involve more movement and placement than the propelled versions, these are ideal for situations where space and accessibility for self-propelled units are limited. 

Removing moisture from the carpets of your home can be more complicated than it seems, especially for homeowners who do not have the sophisticated tools available to our SERVPRO of Hamblen County team. No matter how we can help, from extraction to more intricate restoration practices, give our professionals a call at (423) 318-6733. 

How Can You Prepare Your Staff for Water Removal?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

erp app on tablet Ask SERVPRO to set your Morristown business building with the ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan to mitigate water damaging events.

SERVPRO helps Morristown businesses plan for disaster

As a business owner, you know how important it is that your staff is well-trained and ready for any eventuality. Knowledgeable, competent staff members are the backbone of any successful business.

When it comes to water removal in your Morristown business, time is of the essence. The faster you act, the quicker you can get your business back on its feet. Ensure your staff knows how to act in an emergency, including:

  • Where the water shutoff point is.
  • Who they should call if there is a water problem.
  • Actions to do and avoid – for example, it is usually okay to wipe down hard surfaces, but it is better not to vacuum away water without professional help.


A SERVPRO Emergency READY Plan (ERP) is an easy way to help your staff prepare. It is free to set up your ERP profile, and once you have a profile, you can download the app and start building your plan. All you have to do is follow the onscreen prompts. Your plan will include emergency contacts and what to do in an emergency, so ensure your staff is familiar with it. And you have our team as your preferred vendor to respond quickly to your call for help!

If you are worried about water removal in your business, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733.

Tackling Difficult Restoration Tasks after Fire Damage in a Morristown Hardware Store

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

Set of different tools hanging on grey background You have the tools for your customers and SERVPRO has the tools for fire damage restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire incident of any magnitude can disrupt your business operations. A big fire can consume all your stock in a hardware store and bring down parts of the structure. Though not catastrophic, a small fire can leave most materials in your hardware caked with smoke residues like soot. Restoring your Morristown hardware store to its preloss state to resume normal business operations is essential, but it takes effort.

Removing Residues from Surfaces

The expansive wall or roof surfaces in a hardware store complicate the restoration of fire damage incidents in Morristown because of the volume of residues they collect. Some materials are also predisposed to collect more residues. For example, a corrugated tin roof sprayed with foam or sound-absorbing paper coating would absorb significant amounts of smoke residues. There is a need to remove the entire layer without damaging the tin roof when restoring such an area. Unfortunately, for such jobs, there are no automated solutions. Our SERVPRO technicians use everything from simple tools such as putty knives to more advanced implements such as pressure washers that help remove the coating and smoke residues, restoring an area to its preloss condition.

Accessing High Points

Smoke naturally drifts upwards during a fire. It also moves through currents to colder areas within the facility. Smoke residues, therefore, tend to concentrate in elevated areas and other hard to reach places. Having the right resources to improve access can reduce the effort needed and improve the turnaround time. Our SERVPRO teams use lift platforms, including self-propelled ones, to improve access to walls, ceilings, and other elevated areas when cleaning residues, tearing down damaged materials, and performing refinishing steps such as painting.

Cleaning Structural Supports

Structural supports are difficult to clean not only because they are hidden behind other materials such as wall panels but also because, in most cases, they are made from unfinished wood. Our SERVPRO technicians help clean soot and remove charred residues from structure supports conveniently using specialized techniques such as soda blasting. In case we cannot clean the areas thoroughly, we can apply sealers to manage odor.

Dealing with fire incidents in commercial establishments presents many challenges. Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Minimizing Flood Damage in a Morristown Home

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Lifebuoy floating in a white kitchen flooded with water SERVPRO can be your life buoy when a flood damages your home.

Call SERVPRO when your Home has Flood Damage

In Tennessee, flooding can impact many homes in the blink of an eye, causing thousands of dollars in damage with just a few inches of water. Without proper drying and mitigation, moisture can seep into the subflooring, drywall, and other materials and cause them to decay. On top of that, flood damage can expose homeowners to unsafe microbes, including mold growth.

Suppose your Morristown home has flood damage that needs fast mitigation. In that case, you can count on the professionals at SERVPRO to work with property owners and insurance adjusters to restore your space to a clean and sanitary state. During flooding, the focus is placed on residents' safety and restoration when it is safe to do so. No matter when your disaster occurs, a SERVPRO team can come to your home within hours of your call.

Flood Damage Precautions for Homeowners

You can take many preventative measures to protect your home from flooding and minimize damage. These include:

  • Elevating major appliances by putting them on concrete blocks
  • Shutting off electricity at your circuit breaker
  • Keeping furniture, electronics, and other items on upper floors or raising them off the ground floor
  • Clearing out drains, gutters, and downspouts to eliminate clogs that can introduce even more water into your home

How SERVPRO Can Help

When you call a SERVPRO team to your residence, their focus is on extracting water thoroughly before cleaning and drying. Because of the risk of microbe exposure from floodwaters, the usual process for handling water damage is altered. Instead of disinfecting after drying, cleaning is done first to prevent the spread of microbes, mold, and other issues through the air. 

Flood cuts may need to be made on sheetrock to dry moisture trapped in the cardboard layers that sandwich in the gypsum. Carpets and other delaminated flooring affected by floods may need to be removed from the home to prevent the spread of microbes and other contaminants.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. When your home becomes subject to flooding, you can call (423) 318-6733 for an emergency response team at any time of the day or night.

Is Fungus A Concern after Flood Damage in Whitestown?

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hose pumping water from flooded basement, servpro truck nearby SERVPRO has advanced equipment to pump water out of flooded basements in the Whitestown area. Avoid mold growth with rapid extraction and drying.

SERVPRO deals with this hidden flood damage worry

Floods can leave your home and belongings waterlogged and smelling musty. Thankfully SERVPRO is here to help restore your house "Like it never even happened."

The risk of fungal growth after flood damage to your Whitestown home is real. Your restoration company mustn't overlook this risk. Floodwater soaks into materials and provides a breeding ground for fungus – and floodwater can also contain fungi and microbes. Once mold takes hold, it is hard to get rid of and can cause further damage to your home and belongings.

AMRT Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians

We train our staff to deal with fungal risks during flood damage remediation. For example, SERVPRO will:

  • Swiftly dispose of unsalvageable materials such as carpets or drywall.
  • Carefully clean and restore as many belongings as we can.
  • Draw up a drying plan to get rid of damp and deny fungus the water it needs to grow.
  • Apply anti-microbial treatments where necessary.

Our teams can also deodorize your home to blast away any lingering damp or moldy smells after a flood. If you need a comprehensive flood damage service, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733.

Does my Home Need Water Damage Remediation?

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Hardwood flooring with water pooling on the surface SERVPRO has the tools to remove water damage from your home.

Know the Telltale Signs of Water Damage in Your Morristown Home

Spilled water can bring on a wide range of damage to your home. Initial damage happens shortly after the exposure, while the onset of any secondary damage can take time. Homeowners need to know that secondary damages can be challenging to fix, with some being irreparable.

Water damage impacting your Morristown home calls for immediate action to get the best result. SERVPRO can help you to understand both primary and secondary water damage and the effect that water can have on materials in your home. The most common forms of primary and secondary damage from water include:

  • Discoloration, staining, or noticeably soiled surfaces
  • Damp or wet building materials or contents
  • Buckling or warping wood
  • Mold or mildew development

For any water infiltration case, the water source should be turned off and standing water removed to stop the damage from getting worse. Our team at SERVPRO can help you get these steps going, including establishing the most vulnerable materials for removal. We can help remove books, rugs, clothing, and other items from the floors to minimize the damage.

Another element playing a significant role in damage progression is exposure time. The longer the interior of your home is exposed to water, the more time moisture has to penetrate. High-permeance materials with long exposure lead to breakdown and loss of structural integrity. Trained SERVPRO technicians can help to located drywall and other materials that have been affected. We come in with advanced equipment for water extraction with the capacity to take on thousands of gallons of water in a short time.

Even if you act quickly, there can still be water damage in your home that needs to be addressed. SERVPRO technicians can help to assess the damage to determine which actions for remediation are best. Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County today at (423) 318-6733, and we are ready to assist!

Are You Looking for Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown?

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servpro box truck at site SERVPRO arrives stocked and ready to mitigate fire damage in Morristown commercial sites--both large and small! We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO is here to help after a fire

Morristown is a small and friendly city of 30,193 in Tennessee. Morristown is a manufacturing hub, with several large employers having bases here. There are over 100 manufacturers in the town, producing everything from food to aerospace parts.

Morrison got its name from its founder, Gideon Morris. By 1855 Morristown was an incorporated city, and it became the seat of Hamblen County in 1870. It is no wonder Morristown makes a delightful place to live or visit with such a long history. The vibrant modern business community exists arm in arm with multiple historical sites and striking historic buildings.

Morristown's most famous son

Davy Crockett is arguably Morristown's most famous son. David Crockett was born in 1786 and lived in Morristown for at least some of his life. Crockett is one of American's most popular folk heroes, known by the name "King of the Wild Frontier." During his life, Crockett had a reputation for hunting and storytelling, later for opposing President Andrew Jackson's policies and his involvement in the Texas Revolution. Crockett died at the Alamo. When you visit Morristown, you can see the Crockett Tavern History Museum. The tavern is a replica log building on the site where Davy Crockett's father, John Crockett, established a tavern in 1794.

Arts and culture abound in Morristown

As well as a long and exciting history, Morristown boasts many arts and culture sites and events. When you are in town, be sure to check out:

  • Panther Creek State Park, on the shore of Cherokee Lake. Families will love the playgrounds, and there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding, kayaking, and more. The park has over fifty well-appointed campsites with water, electricity, and fire rings.
  • Morristown Main Street Historic District is the city's main shopping area and includes several buildings of historical interest, such as the Henry Street Station Post Office.
  • Bethesda Presbyterian Church is a historic building that served as a hospital during the American Civil War. The church congregation was notably split by the Civil War, with both sides unable to reconcile their differences. As a result, there were no church services during the conflict, and afterward, the congregation was divided, with each side taking its own half of the church and not talking to the others.

Morristown also hosts several festivals throughout the year, including a strawberry festival, a beer festival, and the Mountain Makins Festival for arts and crafts.

Is it possible to restore wooden buildings after a fire?

Wood provides fuel for a fire, and so structures like Crockett's Tavern are in particular danger from a blaze. However, if the building survives the fire, it is certainly possible to restore it. SERVPRO trains its staff in every aspect of fire damage restoration, including the best ways to restore each kind of building material.

After a fire, wooden walls and beams may be smoke damaged. Please do not try to clean away the soot yourself, as soot can easily smear and create more stains. However, SERVPRO has all the right equipment to deal with soot damage:

  • Powerful HEPA vacuums to suck up loose, powdery soot.
  • Air scrubbers to capture soot particles and prevent them from re-entering the atmosphere.
  • Soda blasters that use gentle media such as baking soda to scrub sooty beams.

We can also deodorize the building once it is clean to leave it smelling fresh.

For a reliable fire restoration service, call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733.

Mold Growth Situations in Whitestown Homes

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage on a white wall While DIY mold damage remediation may be tempting, it is best to contact the professionals at SERVPRO.

Professional Mold Damage Remediation

Homeowners naturally want to save as much money and time as possible when mold damage situations have developed in Whitestown residences. The unfortunate truth about the presence of mold is how hazardous these conditions can be for those exposed and the structural integrity of affected host materials. While DIY approaches are not altogether impossible, there are many ways that homeowners can believe they are helping – but are actually hurting – their properties. 

There is a reason that so many residents have relied on the extensive experience and training of our SERVPRO remediation specialists to address mold damage in their Whitestown homes. We have a rapid response to these emergencies that can help to quickly manage the situation through containment efforts and prevent further migration of these colonies to new regions of the house. Even without choosing our professional remediation approach, there are ways that you might think you are helping the house but could be making the situation worse.

Why to Not Try DIY Bleach Cleaning

Cleaning up the presence of mold colonization is a common practice for homeowners looking to avoid the presumed costs of professional remediation. While you might find sources on the internet that suggest household bleach can work to remove the organism, this is not the case. With thousands of varieties of mold, bleach can sometimes make the situation more volatile. In situations where it does not, the cleaning only affects surface growth and allows the organism's equally hazardous roots to continue to thrive.

Natural Drying Techniques 

We strive to address the moisture and dampness that causes mold growth when our SERVPRO remediators arrive at your address. Some homeowners might believe that natural drying occurs after a period that removes the dampness threat and addresses the presence of mold colonies. In truth, without directly repairing vulnerabilities that cause water damage, mold growth can worsen. If already removed, the organism can thrive again and again.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to save time and money by addressing mold concerns independently. Our SERVPRO of Hamblen County can help to double-check these efforts or perform a thorough and complete remediation process for your property. Give us a call for whatever you need at (423) 318-6733.

Steps Necessary for Effective Cleaning After Commercial Flood Damage Affects Your Morristown Hotel

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

Two employee standing by a Green SERVPRO Trailer parked on the road next to a sidewalk Our teams fully stocked trailers have the tools and equipment to help with your flood damage hotel.

SERVPRO is Here to Help with Commercial Flood Damage

When a flood hits your Morristown hotel, cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks you are likely to face in the journey towards restoring the preloss state in your facility. The presence of many fabric items, including upholstery, beddings, draperies, and other items, means more items might need cleaning in the hotel setting compared to other commercial establishments. Involving a professional like SERVPRO can help you carry out the crucial steps with ease.

Pretesting Fabrics

After commercial flood damage in your Morristown Hotel, the cleaning process should help eliminate soils and contaminants. However, the process can ruin fabrics if not handled appropriately. Pretesting can help prevent such damages and establish ways to get the best outcomes. Our SERVPRO technicians check various aspects during the pre-testing phase, including checking the fiber and type of weave. We also check fabric qualities such as the potential for shrinkage, colorfastness, and the manufacturer's care instructions. Pretesting also helps establish the type and level of soiling, which is crucial when choosing cleaning agents and methods.

Debris Removal

Various types of debris can pile up in your hotel after a flooding incident. In a case involving groundwater, debris from outside the structures such as silt and mud can find a way inside the hotel. Damaged items, such as shattered glass or chunks of materials from the walls, can also accumulate as part of the debris. With the varying nature of the debris, removal and proper disposal pose some challenges. Our SERVPRO technicians have different resources to tackle the problem. Heavy-duty plastic bags help aggregate waste from demolished building materials. We also have shovels to scoop silt and other fine debris.

Sanitizing the Facility

Various aspects of flood damage, including the soiling of surfaces and foul odors, can create unsanitary conditions in your hotel, hurting your business. Our SERVPRO technicians use different cleaning agents to remove light and heavy soiling. We utilize various deodorization techniques, including wet fogging and air scrubbers to remove airborne odor particles.

Cleaning is an elaborate process. Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 to help execute the necessary steps eliminating the effects of the flood, "Like it never even happened."

What to Expect from Professional Flood Damage Recovery in Whitestown

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Black hose extracting pooling water from brown carpeting Our water extraction equipment can remove standing water from your flood damaged home.

Flood and Water Damage Remediation

Residents of Whitestown have experience within the past year observing and living through the torrential damage rains can inflict on homes. Overland flash flooding joined by the harm water incursion does after roofs, siding, and other exterior structures fall victim to high winds, toppled trees, and flying debris creates an overwhelming set of circumstances. Extreme weather presents substantial flooding challenges for members of our community. We are here to help.

Fast Assessment and Comprehensive Planning

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, including the flood damage your Whitestown home suffers after local microburst or torrential storms. Arriving on the scene quickly is crucial, giving you the best chance at a successful mitigation and remediation outcome. Rapid and thorough water removal permits structural drying to proceed efficiently. When your home returns to normal moisture levels, secondary damage such as mold growth is unlikely.

Top of the Line Equipment Support Our Highly-Trained Technicians

The SERVPRO team completes training on every aspect of flood damage recovery from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our technicians prepare for your job by mastering the flood damage industry’s best practices, ready for implementation at your home. We travel with fully-stocked service vehicles, packed with the high-efficiency pumps and water extractors necessary to evacuate inches to feet of unwanted and damaging flood water. 

Active Containment and Disposal

Flood damage exposes your home and family to the pathogens, chemicals, and other debris found in contaminated water. Merely waiting for Category 3 water to drain away is never an option. The potential risk of coming into contact with blood and feces-borne viruses, bacteria, landscaping and road chemicals, dead animals, and other organic debris is worrisome. SERVPRO technicians use submersible pumps to remove water deeper than two inches, following up with powerful wanded extractors. According to local rules, the water is transferred to a holding container for disposal. 

Disinfection and then Structural Drying

The surfaces in the affected area receive treatment with EPA-registered antimicrobials. This step is vital for the safety of the occupants of your home and the welfare of the SERVPRO technicians completing the phases of your flood damage remediation. We use powerful air movers during drying and do not want to contribute any airborne hazards to the mix. 

SERVPRO of Hamblen County assembles an impressive team of technicians and an inventory of state-of-the-art equipment when responding to your flood damage scenario. Call (423) 318-6733 round the clock for rapid flood water removal and thorough drying.

How Does Water Damage Get Removed From Upholstery in Morristown?

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Blue chairs floating in water in a living room We can help with your Morristown upholstery as well after a water damage.

SERVPRO Techs Have Comprehensive Training to Handle All Types of Water Damage Cleanup in Morristown

There are many reasons that the upholstery in a house gets soaked, but the bottom line is this: it needs to get dried as rapidly as possible for the best outcome. 

SERVPRO technicians never have a one-size-fits-all approach for cleaning and drying upholstered furnishings in Morristown with water damage. The techs carefully test fibers to determine the construction materials rather than rely on visual examinations only. This inhibits the potential for mistakes in choosing the furniture restoration method, including the drying procedure. Some of the most common upholstery types need special handling, such as: 

  • Frieze is susceptible to shrinkage and bleeding
  • Open weave should not get subjected to agitation
  • Velvets and velours are sensitive to wet cleaning
  • Homespun is a sturdy upholstery fabric that responds well to most cleaning methods

When drying cushions on loveseats or sofas, the techs often use a drying style that involves the cushions upright and leaned into each other. They get rotated during the drying phase to ensure they get completely dried. 

SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 serves the local Morristown community with any size water damage restoration services needed.

Why Minor Fire Damage in Morristown Requires Professional Assistance

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SERVPRO van and box truck sitting in a parking lot Our trucks are fully stocked with the equipment to help with your fire damaged home.

We will get your fire damage in Morristown back to normal in no time. 

Minor incidents such as grease fires in the kitchen might not pose any danger to the structure when controlled early. The level of damages in such cases might only spread to a few areas. However, restoring the affected property can require considerable skill and effort, something only a professional restoration crew can offer. Most of the stubborn issues may stem from smoke deposits, which move freely to different sections of the property, requiring extra effort during cleaning.  

The soot left after fire damage in Morristown might present various cleaning challenges because the smoke produced differs in each fire incident. Depending on what burns, restoration might involve removal of dry smoke residues, wet smoke residues, fuel oil smoke residues, or protein smoke residues. A situation might also combine more than one type of residue, which can complicate cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians have IICRC certification in Fire and Smoke Restoration so they can deal with any outcome. 

Ideally, smoke residues are deposited on the affected material's surface, so you might expect to remove all traces of the residue through a simple process. However, smoke that contains high concentrations of aerosols stains materials deeply, requiring aggressive cleaning techniques. Our SERVPRO technicians use professional cleaning agents to break down such stubborn residues. We also use multi-surface scrubbers to agitate affected areas eliminating all traces of the residues. 

Apart from the visible damages, fire incidents might also leave unseen damages that can cause problems later. Smoke filters into electronics where tar and other residues collect around the circuit boards. Such accumulation leads to interruption or redirection to the flow of current, which can damage the equipment. Affected items might also burst into flames due to overheating or short-circuits, leading to other fires in the future. Our SERVPRO technicians help perform an initial evaluation of items, and if they require specialized cleaning, we can help you access specialized cleaning services.  

Even a minor case of fire damage requires the right response. Call SERVPRO of Hamblen County at (423) 318-6733 to help restore your home. We address every aspect of the damage, “Like it never even happened.” 

Your Water Pipes Also Need Some TLC

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

 Laminate flooring partially removed exposing black underlayment and water damage Water damage can seep into hidden areas. Contact SERVPRO for thorough drying.

SERVPRO Can Help if Your Home has a Burst Pipe

All homes, particularly older construction, need a little love and attention.  Taking care of your landscaping, gutters, and paint is evident.  What most homeowners miss, though, is the maintenance of their plumbing and appliances to prevent a pipe rupture and the ensuing water cleanup process.  All it takes is a corroded water heater or an obsolete water connection in your dishwasher to allow water to spill into your kitchen and greet you at the door when you arrive after a long day at work.

If your home in Morristown needs water cleanup, SERVPRO is at your service.  Emergencies are the norm in our business, which is why our team of experts is available around the clock to help you in your time of need.  All you need to do is call us and let us do the rest.

For the most part, water events in your home involve clean water, making the restoration process a bit easier.  When our SERVPRO team arrives, we are ready with various equipment designed to be efficient in the extraction of standing water.  Our repertoire includes truck-mounted pumps used for larger water volumes, submersible pumps, and even handheld wand devices designed to access hard-to-reach corners of your home.  The crew controls humidity levels by using various moisture sensors and combing your house for any water damage that may remain hidden behind walls and under flooring and cabinets.  Our methodic approach is key to our success.

Extracting water and leaving it to air-dry may not yield the best results.  Because our SERVPRO crew focuses on mitigating your losses, we bring drying equipment to complement the water extraction.  The drying job may include air circulators, dehumidifiers, and even the use of injectidry technology if the job requires it.  Besides making sure that the leak is under control and the pipe is new, your role is to trust our hard-earned expertise as we return your home to its original condition.

SERVPRO of Hamblen County is your best resource when water seeps into your life.  Just call us at (423) 318-6733 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”


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