Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Water Intrusion in Woodcrest Hills

The driven rainstorm entered this Woodcrest Hills home through the open windows in the living room and the poorly sealed front entrance door. Initially, SERVPRO... READ MORE

Morristown Rain and Wind Storm Damage

The severely strong winds ripped the roof underlayment along with the roof roll and then soaked the material with rainwater. The Before Photo shows the storm da... READ MORE

Leaking Roof from a Morristown Area Storm

The Before Photo dramatically illustrated stormwater effects that have penetrated a breached roof in a Morristown building. The paint blisters and soaked drywal... READ MORE

Morristown Emergency Services Water Damage

The damage caused by stormwaters from a deluge in the Morristown area can carry plenty of mud, muck, and contaminants into a breached structure, even one under ... READ MORE

Whitestown Basement Flooding Cleanup

After the flooding receded from this Whitestown property, contaminated groundwater remained, as shown in the Before Photo. The sump pump did not do its job due ... READ MORE

Morristown Basement and Floodwater

Groundwater from a storm can often be contained outside of a basement if window wells are installed. SERVPRO recommends homeowners in the Morristown area in low... READ MORE